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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by SSlag, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Short & Simple:
    - How do I assign hypershift and a keyboard function to one key, so when I press it, it changes function of scroll wheel (Tartarus V2) and at the same time acts as if I am holding down a key?

    Long & Detailed:
    - I have Tartarus V2 and use it for design, illustration etc. My scroll wheel is primarily set up to change brush size, but I want it to be able to change zoom % when I press a certain key. Shortcut for zoom is ALT + Scroll Up/Down, so I need for scroll wheel's function on Tartarus to change when I press that hypershift key (from brush size change to default scroll function). So far so good, I can obviously achieve this with Hypershift or keymap change. But like I said, I need for ALT key to be pressed as well, because the shortcut is ALT + Scroll.

    And of course macros can't solve this, because they can't be applied to scroll wheel.

    As far as I can see my closest option is to hold down a second key (that functions as ALT), but that's not acceptable. Holding down 2 keys while scrolling makes it quite a lot less accurate, not to mention uncomfortable.

    So what are my options, anything I might have missed, is there an option to make scroll wheel's function ALT+Default? I'd appreciate any suggestion.

    Thank you!
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