The Razer Core V2

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    Ya for my desktop, so I won't be able to give you any info of using it with the Core. But ya I heard that too! The 1070's will finally be back to the price they should have been before all the mining junk.
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  2. Does it come with a graphic card or do you need to buy one?
  3. surfer1081

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    You need to buy one. I just bought my V2 and it came in yesterday! It'll have to look pretty until I buy the GPU card.
  4. Pentalobe

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    Minor note, it's kind of a shitshow if you only want to use a single-slot card... I cut the top part off of the original slot cover to hold down my card. It works... pretty well actually.

    I wonder if somebody combined a single slot gpu with one of those old skulltrail NUCs that could fit inside the core, would be a neat little box.

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  5. The 90s called, they want their single slot GPU back :wink_:

    Too bad they didn't take a single slot card into considerations, probably wouldn't have used too much design effort.
  6. Pentalobe

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    OK, buy me a Quadro p5000, problem solved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even the p4k fits in a single slot. This one is faster than my FE 1070 in SW and was about the same price.

    I just opened a gearbox .sldasm and I can rotate/spin at over 20fps... this was a slideshow before.

    All they would have to do to secure a single slot card is add one more screw hole.
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  7. Interesting, which quadro is that?
  8. Pentalobe

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    P2000, which is fair to compare to 1070 as they are around the same price.

    I saw an article comparing the $2000 P5000 to the $600 GTX 1080, and what a shock, the card that costs 3 times more is 3 times faster for spec sw-03 :lol:

    I should note that the 1070 was in a v1 core, and I use it with a 1st gen 6500 blade stealth @ home. I don't have SW installed on that one anymore.

    So this system is slightly better. (core v2, blade stealth 7500, etc).
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  9. surfer1081

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    Ordered the 1070 ti today from MSI. I'll have a new battle station pic up in a week!
  10. Pentalobe

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    The fans... it's bonkers... just sitting at an empty desktop... anybody else having this problem?

    It's the 3 fans on the bottom of the core, not the GPU fan.

    I'm tempted to just unplug them or stick in a paper clip because this is like a 75w GPU LOL... and in use will come nowhere close to that. Meanwhile... hoping a firmware update will fix it.
  11. TK-1987

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    Weren’t you the one telling me this is normal? Lol

    Why are yours on all the time like mine?
  12. Pentalobe

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    No.... this is full speed, obnoxious, high pitched jet engine whine... like "setenv fastfan 1" on my old SGI Onyx.

    I said the fans on my core v1 run all the time. On the v2 before the GPU was installed they were varying between low and off. With the GPU they are fluctuating between high and super-turbo, even when the GPU isn't doing anything.

    I'm just wearing headphones now, doesn't really solve the problem but works for me.

    What I should do is try the v2 with my gtx 1070 and see if that fixes the issue, it may just be an unsupported card.
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  13. TK-1987

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    Mine fluctuates between low and high constantly. Same as you though as I won’t be doing anything intensive. Razer Support claims that’s normal and isn’t something they can fix.
  14. surfer1081

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    you guys are talking about the v2 right? once I get my card in (this week), I can look out for these behaviors?
  15. TK-1987

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    Yes the V2
  16. Pentalobe

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    Some quick prodding (carefully with a plastic stick) confirms it's the 3 on the bottom that are noisy. They look like they are 60mm by 15mm, there are a couple of "quiet" fans that will drop in, but I need to see what sort of electrical connector I need to put on them, and to confirm the size. My GPU fan is pretty much silent, and I have no idea about the ones in the PSU... I guess I'll know if the PSU fans are a problem once I get the bottom fans replaced. Looks like a fun weekend project.
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    Definitely report back on that when you get a chance. I might do the same thing if you have good results.
  18. Firebat246

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    Very curious about any bottleneck and how the gpu's in the V2 perform compared to desktop cards. Keep this updated guys, please!
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    anyone wanna sell me their core v1 for cheap? =)
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    Look on Ebay...their is a good bit around now for sale :)