Think i am becoming RAZER fan

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Menta1, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. ryanquach

    ryanquach Member

    pretty sick setup, razer is an awesome thing to get into
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  2. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Nice clean setup. Maybe you will end up adding more razer to your collection
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  3. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Welcome to the team dude!
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  4. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    One of us, one of us, one of us!
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    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    You should get the Goliathus Extended! That's what I have. You put your keyboard on it with the mouse to give you the sensation of limitless space... Your mouse will never fall off or hit the edge of your mouse mat again!!! :D
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  6. KenzoMNL

    KenzoMNL New Member

    Better be. Hahaha.
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    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    nice setup OP, oh and hey, lights out next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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  8. DrQuach

    DrQuach Member

    That is a really nice setup, plus welcome to the community bro!
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  9. Lolzler

    Lolzler Member

    sweet rig , hope you enjoy it ,pcmasterace.
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  10. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    "Resistance is futile!"
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    GTASANTT Member

    really sleek setup, really envious
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  12. jj1216

    jj1216 Active Member

    Welcome to the Cult of Razer!
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  13. Menta3000

    Menta3000 New Member

    Thanks for all the kind comments, anyway i would like to inform someone at RAZER to checkout the software for windows 10 pro x64, i think it has a small memory leak....this is been driving me crazy for days, i have being uninstalling a few programs and yesterday decided to remove razer synapse and until now the problem seems to have gone away

    start the computer two days running about 12% of memory with razer software 30% using so there is small leak here. maybe a bad install

    well i thought i would point this out and some one hopefully will take notice
  14. Nice setup.
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  15. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    Welcome to my favorite cult!

    People like you inspire me to go away from my blue set up and to re paint my walls to green, ugh razer is killing me!
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  16. ThatGamr

    ThatGamr New Member

    I like that setup. I'm really looking forward to the Razer Turret though. It will be a nice addition to my setup.
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  17. 1748256190

    1748256190 Member

    Nice desk. It's simple and neat. Also Razer delivers great product and service to their fans, so join the club. It's fun.
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  18. NeonZip75

    NeonZip75 Member

    WOW good config
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  19. Menta3000

    Menta3000 New Member

  20. welcome razer produce the best gaming equipments!
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