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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dekades, Mar 20, 2020.

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  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Keyboard - Lights up but no response from keys
    Keyboard - Key is spamming / repeating or not registering inputs when pressed.
    Huntsman Elite Firmware Updates
    Keyboard - Key is physically sticky, stuck or loose
    Blackwidow Chroma V2 Firmware Updates
    Keyboard - LED not displaying the correct color (on one or more keys)

    Mamba Wireless Firmware Updates

    Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Firmware Updates

    How do I recover / reformat / restore my Razer Blade to its original factory settings?
    Blade - Excessive fan noise
    How to update your Microsoft OS to receive the latest software updates
    Blade - Battery does not charge, does not detect or power the computer
    Blade - No Power or does not turns on
    Blade - Keyboard / Touchpad is unresponsive or not working
    How to enter Safe Mode on the Razer Phone
    Razer Phone Troubleshooting: Internet, Wi-Fi or Connection Issues
    Blade - Poor Battery Life Issues
    Blade - gets hot / overheats
    Blade - Display Flickering, Blotches or Discoloration Issues
    Blade - Sound distorted or static sound
    Blade and System model name comparison chart

    Razer Nari Firmware Updates
    Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Firmware Updates
    I need to reinstall my Razer Surround Pro due to a problem with my PC. Where can I download the installer?
    Razer Nari/Nari Ultimate Dongle Recovery Tool Guide
    Razer Nari Ultimate Pairing Utility Guide
    Why is the Razer Nari / Nari Ultimate / Nari Essential microphone not transmitting my voice?
    Razer Nari Pairing Utility Guide
    My Razer Electra USB V2 has stopped working or is being detected as Conexant.
    Why is the Razer Nari / Nari Ultimate / Nari Essential not producing sound?
    Razer Kraken Comparison Chart
    Thresher Ultimate for XBOX One Firmware v. AV16CX51

    Phone Troubleshooting: Display And Camera Issues
    How to hard reset the Razer Phone
    Razer Phone Troubleshooting: Power and Battery Issues
    The Razer Phone is not charging
    Phone Troubleshooting: Audio, Sound and Notification Issues
    How to factory data reset the Razer Phone
    The Razer Phone touchscreen is not responding
    Phone Troubleshooting: Software Issues
    How to check for software updates on the Razer Phone
    How do I back up the data on the Razer Phone?
    Razer Phone Troubleshooting: Calling or Messaging Issues

    Product Serial Numbers - Where to find them

    How do I troubleshoot when Synapse is not detecting a Razer device?
    How to close / disable Razer Synapse
    Why is Razer Synapse 3 in BETA?
    How do I check for updates on the Razer Synapse 3.0?
    How do I install Razer Synapse?
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