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[Update] Razer Synapse and macOS Sierra

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. Yep, it's pretty ridiculous. That's what it did at first with my Naga 2014. I unplugged it and used a regular mouse to uninstall Synapse, then switched to the Epic Chroma so now the computer boots up but Synapse doesn't work other than to load a black screen and not apply profiles. I talked to my friends that use Razer products with Windows and their sentiment was that the hardware looks cool, but the software leaves a lot to be desired. Shame they don't seem to coordinate with developers and utilize the feedback. I really hope for the general user base's sake that they update before go live next week.
  2. mikeyguy

    mikeyguy New Member

    The argument that Razer shouldn't have to support their products on a Beta OS is a failed one. As a previous poster mentioned, beta testing is not only to work out kinks in the OS itself, but to allow third parties (i.e. Razer) to make sure that their products also work on said operating system.

    With Razer, this is even more critical because their products and software are used for controlling the devices using these operating systems.

    Mac users may not be the majority of their customer base, but that doesn't mean they should be neglected.

    Apple has increasingly embraced gaming on both Mac and iOS platforms over the past few years too, so Razer may want to start embracing those platforms as well if they want to tap into that 1 billion plus customer base (combined iOS and Mac total).

    EDIT: Also, in my case, I'm running the Sierra GM and I can't even keep my Razer mouse plugged in without it causing my Mac to kernel panic after about 30 seconds. Tried uninstalling the drivers to use it without them, but same issue occurs. This really sucks, Razer.
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  3. Just installed v1.58 that came out today. No fixes- -all the same problems.
  4. Indeed. It is disappointing that despite such a long beta period, Razer Synpase still doesn't work on Sierra. Previously there were no lights, but the keys worked. Now I get pretty lights, but none of the keys work. Thought 1.58 might fix it but still the same problems. Considering how big Razer is and how expensive the devices are, this is not cool.
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  5. DarkTaninfodaily772

    DarkTaninfodaily772 New Member

    this is not acceptable. sierra releases in 3 days. it will be a disaster if you don´t have an update ready by then.
  6. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    I hope that all "new members" on this thread are taking the time to contact support. Flood support with these requests and you'll have a better chance of seeing some action.
  7. Sepiapolydata374

    Sepiapolydata374 New Member

    You said that already. Perhaps we just wanted to join in a conversation since it's long past the time when contacting customer support would accomplish anything.
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  8. Also, contacting customer support just resulted in the answer we got at the top of the thread.
  9. In addition, what you don't get from contacting support thus the reason for support forums, is interaction with other users to confirm and collaborate on solutions or workarounds. Shame on us early complainers.
  10. Yup, i keep coming back to see if someone can confirm it's fixed or not before i reinstall synapse.
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  11. Same here. I had to uninstall synapse so that I could use the keyboard. Here's hoping for a miracle and for Sierra support to come soon.
  12. Does anyone know if those with Logitech products are experiencing the same?
  13. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    A few months ago they were, and Steelseries, too. https://www.reddit.com/r/MacOS/comments/4oeypy/usb_mouse_not_working_on_sierra/

    This is even more recent. https://community.logitech.com/s/question/0D53100005UytQyCAJ

    By the way, even Apple's GM of Sierra is still getting updates, as they are still working things out. Beta version 6 already, I think. The term 'Golden Master' seems to be quite a misnomer.
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  14. Mewnor

    Mewnor New Member

    I'm starting to think they just don't care.
  15. mikeyguy

    mikeyguy New Member

    Good news. I may have found a temporary workaround, at least for mice:

    It is working great for me so far. And the 30 day trial version may hopefully tide me over until Razer releases a driver update. And if not, I may buy that software instead.
  16. So they were smart enough to fix it on time instead of waiting to after release?

    No, it's not, there hasn't been any single update since GM. Beta version 6 IS GM, beta 5 wasn't. Please inform yourself before talking BS and missinforming.
  17. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Get your head out of yourself, please. Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 17.57.39.png
    I'm not in the habit of putting something out there like that without having some kind of real information. Build 16A323 is an update from build 16A320.

    As of the 14th, Logitech is saying they're waiting until the official release on the 20th. Try reading the link.
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  18. Regardless of Apple still doing updates to the GM seed, at this point Razer needs to have an update out TODAY and have ALL USERS INSTALL IT BEFORE UPDATING TO SIERRA, or they're going to have a mess that they probably don't know how to deal with - NOBODY thinks it's their keyboard or mouse that's causing their computer problems. This is TERRIBLE product support for an INPUT DEVICE.
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  19. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    If you google "Logitech os sierra" or "steelseries os sierra", nobody has an update to fix their issues with Sierra yet. So you're saying that nobody has good product support for their devices, when the issue is, as far as everybody else is concerned, with the operating system, and not the devices themselves.

    Once the OS is finalized and they aren't updating the GM anymore, the hardware developers will have a better chance to find a fix for using their gear with the OS. Until then, they, and many other developers out there, don't need to waste their time. The only companies that are scrambling to get their stuff compatible early are those whose target demographic are Mac users.

    Apple won't care either way. "Oh, just use an Apple keyboard, magic mouse, or trackpad."
  20. Sepiapolydata374

    Sepiapolydata374 New Member

    In other words, you're not a developer.

    A major reason (I know it's not the only one) for opening up these betas to Apple developers is so that we have time to test our existing applications with their changes. Last year, I had an iOS app which was completely broken by iOS 9. Fortunately I'd tested it with beta ahead of time and had an update out a few weeks in advance.

    I strongly suspect there are developers at each of these companies who've been worrying about this update for some time now, but for whatever reason - marketing, QA, other commitments - they haven't been able to get the product out. But it's not just a matter of changing a couple lines of code, then clicking "upload" and everything's fixed. The process is longer than that.

    The point that several people have made in this thread, including myself, is that people are going to be updating to Sierra tomorrow and their computers are going to be stuck in a reboot loop, and they're not going to know why. That wouldn't have to happen if these peripheral packages had been updated a month ago.
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