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[Update] Razer Synapse and macOS Sierra

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Not at all. My point, though, is that Razer isn't an Apple developer. Neither is Logitech, nor Steelseries.

    Developers that I HAVE spoken to, whose products are made ONLY for Apple, suggest not updating the operating system on day one. History has shown that a lot of hardware and software doesn't work with new operating systems right away. Why anybody considers Sierra to be different is unknown to me.

    It is up to individuals when they want to update their systems. The developers to whom I pay a lot of money for their Mac-only software advise to wait. I'm taking their advice and trying to pass it along.

    I'm also plain getting tired of people saying that it's a Razer issue, when according to different companies' forums, it's not. If everybody else gets it fixed EXCEPT Razer, then we can say, "Hey, you're dropping the ball." Until then, we know that there's an issue with Sierra and peripherals made by various companies.
  2. DarkTaninfodaily772

    DarkTaninfodaily772 New Member

    my gosh can u plz not post here anymore? u are wrong and u keep talking out of ur ass just to defend urself.

    it is on RAZER to update their software and they slept on it. i for one will switch either software (steermouse) or hardware (g600) if this is not resolved in a week (that's generous).
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  3. Sharkyzane231

    Sharkyzane231 New Member

    my mouse has been spazzing out with the sensitivity
    the LED's started working with the final beta but the sensitivity just doesn't work ;-;
    thank god the mano' war works :D

    never again will i get a beta, made that mistake once, now i did it again

    not again
  4. Sepiapolydata374

    Sepiapolydata374 New Member

    By definition, they are. That's not all they are, but they are. So am I.

    This is universally true. For any operating system - Windows, Android, OSX/MacOS, iOS, Linux - it's always risky to install right away. And this is usually because the third parties (like Razer) haven't updated their stuff yet and there will be compatibility issues.

    But as developers, we don't usually get to dictate what sort of environment the user runs our software in. We have to assume that there are people who will update right away, just as we have to assume that there will be people running on the minimum required version or the minimum hardware specs. That is the reality of writing software.

    It's a Razer issue. It's also a Logitech issue, and a SteelSeries issue. Two (or three) wrongs don't make a right. But also, I've read the other threads you linked and it seems like for most people, the issues aren't causing kernel faults and reboot loops like Synapse.

    Apple didn't release Synapse. Apple released their product on schedule, in a very predictable way, after months of beta to which the people at Razer had access. It's not Apple's responsibility to make Razer's legacy code work. It's Razer's software, and it's Razer's problem.

    Note that on their software download pages, Synapse is listed as working on 10.9 to 10.11. At the very, very least, Razer could have issued an update to Synapse (months ago, when they must have known this would be a problem) which checks the OS version on startup, and only launches the Synapse software if it's in the accepted range - otherwise creating some sort of warning popup stating that the user needs to update their Synapse. This could have been done independently of Apple, and it would have prevented what is no doubt happening right now.

    As of today, normal people are updating to Sierra. If they have Synapse installed, and any of the devices for which there are critical issues, like a Naga, their computer is going to be effectively bricked until they think to unplug their peripherals or they take it to an Apple store. They won't have any warning, and it's because Razer dropped the ball.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
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  5. Worst than that, it was working on Sierra, then razer updated his software and broke it miserably, so it's not legacy code, it's really bad tested new code.
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  6. Indeed. And I couldn't find an older version of Synapse to download... Can't be bothered to spend more time Googling to see if there's THAT single working version out there (lights and profiles were working, keys were registering, but custom key changes were not, still, it was usable.) I updated happily thinking that the new update would fix that problem. Nope, it completely broke things to the extent that it was even worst without the software driver.

    Really, the point of the beta period is to let developers test their software and fix if anything is broken. In the past few months of the OS beta, I've seen many software developers update their software to make it Sierra compatible, even though Sierra is still in beta.

    Sure many Razer users are on Windows... But that our whole point, Razer just don't fu$king care about Mac users. It's not a one person, indie developer we are talking about here, who just can't manage. Razer has the resources to. They have the people, or they can hire the people. But they. Just. Don't. Care.

    No PR statement saying when we can expect Sierra support to happen. Or re-releasing that version of Synapse that didn't break things as much for download separately, for users who are already on Sierra. No, nothing. Considering that Sierra is a FREE upgrade, most Mac users would upgrade to Sierra very soon after it's release. That's going to cause A LOT of broken keyboards and mice...
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  7. You're not prepared !
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  8. Ramadrid_no_id

    Ramadrid_no_id New Member

    Just upgrade to Sierra... Blackwidow TE chroma not working anymore..
  9. I Would Love To Know When There Will Be An Update Please.
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  10. I just upgrade to Sierra, waiting for synapse update... always have been having problem with Synapse on mac, & now its completely useless! poor software service...
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  11. cyj89

    cyj89 Member

    Just updated to macOS Sierra today on my Macbook Pro 2015.

    My Macbook kept crashing multiple times and screen freezing. Almost had half the mind to revert back to El Capitan when i thought maybe to disconnect my razer mice and viola not crashing anymore.

    Uninstalled Synpase and now using my razer mice normally.

    I am pretty disappointed that there isn't a compatible version yet for Sierra.

    Months ago, I was contemplating between Razer and Magic Mouse when i was shopping for one and chose to use Razer since my home desktop which runs on Windows was doing fine. I have a Black Widow Chroma, Death Adder Chroma and a Kraken Chroma 7.1 setup.

    Come on Razer please do something about this update for synpase.
  12. steven.duh.13

    steven.duh.13 New Member

    Razer synapse will cause kernel panic and crash the system! Remove before update, and don't install back again!!
  13. I found out about this issue during the public beta, and have will not be installing synapse again until a released patch. I however think they should have been ahead of the game with a patch update.
  14. Once Synapse has been removed you have the ability to plug the razer peripheral back in to your mac and use it as normal just without the luxuries of Synapse.
  15. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    If this isn't fixed soon, I'm tossing my razer mice in the trash and buying from a different brand from now on. This is downright ridiculous. Can't scroll, can't use the side buttons, sensitivity is through the roof. If you're going to shove proprietary software down our throats, at least make it work. This is honestly the last straw, locking your products under software that doesn't work and crashes out computers is ridiculous
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  16. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    Nope, the mouse's scroll bar does not work and the sensitivity/DPI will not change under normal mac mouse setttings
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  17. DarkTaninfodaily772

    DarkTaninfodaily772 New Member

    as predicted a disaster.
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  18. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    Hmm my orochi works fine but the Deathadder 3.5 is compltetly unusable without synapse
  19. coveTeaGreenhead341

    coveTeaGreenhead341 New Member

    I just got SteerMouse and it works 100x better than synapse ever did.

    Extremely unproffesional of Razer to drop the ball here for a loyal customer of over 5 years. I won't be buying anything razer branded in the future when my mice eventually break.
  20. StockOption

    StockOption New Member

    How did you get the side buttons to bind? I set up 1-12 to be Shift 1 - 12, but it's still just putting in raw 1-12 numbers when pressed. All looks like it should work inside SteerMouse.

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