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Discussion in 'Battlestations' started by Santicas, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. Santicas

    Santicas New Member

    this is my poor setup :C
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  2. Get some led lights and funko pop figures or posters from your favorite video game. Thinking it might add some personality to it.

    With personal preference being that the Razer HDK gives you way too little leds, I recommend this kit right here that I am currently using myself. -----> https://www.lightinthebox.com/zdm-2...r-supply-ac110-240v_p5762854.html?prm=

    It has SOOOO many lights. It could easily wrap around your desk twice. However, like most, the led's get weaker if you connect them from strip to strip so I would say to just connect whatever you use to the white part with the pin connectors so they are all the same strength.
  3. DrKDR

    DrKDR Active Member

    I agree with PapaJohnPizzas.
    Speaking of lighting, it looks very dim. Try brightening it up or getting more RGB products just to make it feel a little more alive. Consider a new monitor too.
    And can you give me a shot of your cables and your whole desk, so I can give you suggestions?
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