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What's your opinion on illuminated keyboards?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mangraz, Apr 19, 2016.


Counting in every single criterion like price etc., what kind of keyboard would you choose?

  1. Illuminated

  2. Non-Illuminated

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  1. Mangraz

    Mangraz New Member

    As the title says, I'm curious about your opinions on illuminated keyboards? Why do you like them? Why not? Do you hit keys better when they are illuminated? Or is it just the added style?

    I personally own an unilluminated Razer Blackidow 2014, I decided to buy it, because illuminated kb's look pretty fancy-shmancy, but add little to actual gameplay, as I'm always playing with my desk lamp turned on. I have sensitive eyes, you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That said, I would go for illuminated keyboards if the price difference wasn't that high - as a student I'm always short on ofc.

    Btw. I'm interested in your favorite keyboards as well. So feel free to praise your beloved keyboard in the comments!
  2. NomadRT

    NomadRT Active Member

    I love being able to illuminate the keys I need for a particular game I'm playing. Illuminated for me please.
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  3. Xevien

    Xevien Active Member

    I can't use a keyboard without the lights anymore, it just feels wrong lol. I usually game at night so the glow helps a ton, plus it looks awesome.
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  4. Mangraz

    Mangraz New Member

    Damn, more posts like this and I'm going to feel unsatisfied with my current keyboard D:
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  5. Tiny_Dinosaur

    Tiny_Dinosaur Member

    back light is useful but I personally don't like the colorful lights. I only own 1 chroma product and it is always on white light.
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  6. pfchiu

    pfchiu Member

    Illuminated here so I'm able to play in the dark.
  7. NomadRT

    NomadRT Active Member

    The great advantage the Chroma has over ordinary illumination is the ability to set up colored key combinations in games. Not only are you able to see your keys in dim lighting, but you are able to glance down and immediately find the key you need based on the color of the keys. I had a Razer Blackwidow and loved it, but I purposely swapped for a Chroma so that I could set up these types of gaming profiles. Love it.
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  8. DaanBlankie

    DaanBlankie Active Member

    My parents often complaint when I'm up late (gaming etc) because of the lights. But a few weeks ago I bought the mad catz strike 3, which is an illuminated keyboard and I love it. I also found out that gaming without lights on really intensifys the experience
  9. Mczpzy

    Mczpzy Active Member

    Well for me I prefer the illuminated KBs for the main reason that I love playing in the dark and the backlights of my keyboard is the only light source I have and the monitor of course.
  10. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I really like the light up keyboards. I feel that they are a must for laptops and very nice for desktops.
  11. Krystian1337

    Krystian1337 Member

    Illuminated, I mostly play at night with gf sleeping so this little thing really helps.
  12. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    I couldn't use a keyboard without backlit anymore ... it would be like being "keyblind" :)
  13. Fuzms

    Fuzms Active Member

    Illuminated definitely.

    I don't stare at the keys or anything, but occasionally glance down. Having that illumination just makes things faster in that respect.

    and ofc there is just the hehehehe factor of having more lights...
  14. gbone93

    gbone93 Member

    Not only do lights look sick but it's nice if you are not super familiar with some key bindings. I exclusively look for lights but I don't need them. Just like them a lot.
  15. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I can't use a keyboard without lighting anymore. Call me old, but I haven't memorized all the extra symbols and stuff, and without the lighting I just can't see the keys labels well enough to find the obscure symbols or keys I almost never touch. Plus, my keyboard layouts are slightly different between my Blackwidow Chroma Stealth and my laptop (which is an MSI) so I do occasionally have to look down and remind myself "wait, this one put that key where again ..."

    For the same reason of not being able to read the painted labels very well, I truly wish Razer would illuminate ALL of info on each key, including the alternate functions. I have to get close and squint for some of those. At least on my laptop they're all labeled and illuminated. hehehe
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  16. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    I would gladly spend the extra money on an illuminated keyboard as there is so much things to do with it as there are many developers out there willing to spend their time on creating something new for us
  17. SnowSpyral

    SnowSpyral Member

    I love my Blackwidow Chroma Stealth! It's so cool and useful to have backlit keys, whether programmed for a game or playing in the dark!
  18. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    My setup is in my room and I'm told to unplug the keyboard or turn of the lighting because it will keep me up. And while it is true sleeping in a bright room does degrade the regeneration of your brain by causing you not to sleep right, I don't think its a problem for me.

    Shine proud my beauties!
  19. Mangraz

    Mangraz New Member

    Well then, it's decided. My next keyboard is going to be illuminated. Thanls for all the feedback!
    Yeah, I know that feel. Some games like LoL I'm playing so rarely, that I always need to remind myself what keys I have to use for skills. Sometimes that even gamebreaking.
  20. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    LOL...I like how the votes are 20 to 1, and that single vote comes from Mangraz himself. Hahaha...

    I have a friend who has a BW but turns off the backlighting on purpose - always makes me want to :hocho: him. We gotta show off that gamer pride!

    I haven't memorized the number or function key rows so I need to look at what I'm pressing when I use those. Same with the "FN" key on the BW. I always use my computer in absolute darkness. Light seems to detract from the experience for me. For example, if it's a really sunny day and I have the blinds/curtains open, I can't get immersed into the mood of a game.

    If you're going to go for no-backlight, might as well get one of these babies :heart_eyes::[​IMG]
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