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Where do you put your Razer stickers ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Capitain D, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. On my PC case. Is there a good site to get more stickers?
  2. CoolZone

    CoolZone New Member

    The back side of my ASUS X55SV laptop
  3. homebyteWhite689

    homebyteWhite689 New Member

    Mine is on the window of my Thermaltake Lvl 10 case
  4. urbansideRubyRed010

    urbansideRubyRed010 New Member

    Well got 1 on the left and right side of my Renault Twingo, one on me HI-FI and i keep the rest in the boxes.
  5. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    I put them all along one side of my PC like an old war bird lol
  6. ironcrow

    ironcrow Active Member

    I've come close to putting them on the oil tank of my Harley. It needs to be a little bigger and magnetic. (Or I need to get someone to professionally paint it.)
  7. Posted some on my car.
    Sadly one got stolen last week :'(
  8. Its one of the reasons i buy razer products haha , for the stickers, and also the fact that the products are awesome to say the least. I put mine on the back of my laptop, but i guess if u have a desktop pc, then u could put them on your monitor or on the wall behind it, creating a little gaming den over your desk
  9. eldelementez

    eldelementez New Member

    I've only got a few placed on my monitor stand
  10. LilacSHELLleet517

    LilacSHELLleet517 New Member

    I put some on my guitar, car, and phone case
  11. mohitKHTRPL

    mohitKHTRPL New Member

    ME ME ME!!!
  12. Toxtile

    Toxtile New Member

    i wish the stickers were blue instead of green. I have like a all blue setup and placing green stickers wouldn't match. So i had to just place them on my phone instead.
  13. Ryruzu

    Ryruzu New Member

    I don't know where to put them ^^
    I just save them.
  14. Jasonmann

    Jasonmann New Member

    I've saved all mine except for the ones that I got from the new Blackwidow Chroma, I had to put those on somewhere so I decided to put them on my monitor stand.
  15. gezeni

    gezeni Member

    I still have a small stack. I may be building me a new desktop soonish, and I'm waiting until I make that decision. In all likelihood, if not my desktop then around the central tube on my bikeframe or helmet to start.... Maybe my new toaster oven?
  16. bobbl

    bobbl New Member

    Just finished a new computer build with a Corsair Air 540 Arctic White case. The holographic Razer Chroma logo stickers I got with my keyboard and mouse came is handy as I used one on the front of the case. It is the only symbol on the case!!

    Oh, and on my car's rear window! (x2)
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
  17. On my car and my PC... The Chroma stickers are totaly awsome!
  18. Thaxxar

    Thaxxar New Member

    They stay in the boxes from the devices. I can't make myself break up the original packaging after removing the devices.
  19. Edrialyse

    Edrialyse New Member

    Everywhere! Absolutely everywhere!
  20. iKhris

    iKhris New Member

    i've put up my razer stickers all over my walls and tower(pc)
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