Why is Hypershift taking the place of keymap switching?!

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by anadonnis, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    This is incredibly annoying and makes it almost impossible for me to map macros/keys the way I would like to for many of the games I play.

    Apparently Razer has included Hypershift as a gimmick in synapse 3 although it was already technically present in synapse 2 as a form of keymatch switching when the original keymap would be restored after the keymap change button was released. We had 8 layers of this functionality built into synapse 2... Now we have hard keymap change buttons with no way to set it up to restore keymap 1 on button release. Enter Hypershift: now we have ONE "keymap level" where the original keymap is restored on the release of the button... What do I need 8 keymaps for when I have to press another button to switch back to the original keymap?! This used to be a great way to increase the amount of macros you could use without delays.

    I am really worried this will not be fixed because this Hypershift key would literally be obsolete. Atleast allow us a few layers of hypershift. As in several keys we could program for Hypershift 1, 2, 3, etc. PLEASE PATCH THIS!
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  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Well-Known Member

    I am really confused reading this whole thing. Would you mind just saying the key point(s), because there are contradicting thoughts in what you have written.

  3. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member


    Hypershift allows you to hold down a button to get a new set of mapable keys. On release, you get the original set of keys. Correct? The problem is we had this in Synapse 2 but got more out of the function. In Synapse 2, you could set a keymap switch button to resume original buttons upon release. What was better in Synapse 2 is that you could do this once for each of the 8 keymaps available. For the record I am referring the Tartarus V2 that i just bought.

    In Synapse 3, we get ONE set of extra keys and they have renamed it Hypershift for some reason. We get 8 keymaps but they have taken out the ability to resume the original set of programmed keys on button release. Not that complicated. Not sure what contradictions you are pointing to.

    The bottom line is the Hypershift was already in the software in the previous version and it was actually a far more versatile implementation. It pisses me off that I cannot duplicate my profiles in this updated software.

    What makes it worse is I also have a generation 1 nostromo belkin n50 (google it). The software that comes with that keypad unit is like 15 years old, and allows for temporary keypad switching (until button is released) for 3 different key mappings. It is rediculous that in 2018, this is being rebranded as "Hypershift" and we literally only get ONE alternative keymap while this hypershift button is pressed.

    If you do not use the Tartarus, Orbweaver, Tartarus V2 keypads, etc, then this might seem confusing to you. Those of us who make extensive use of macros and key mapping will understand why this is a huge let down.

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  4. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hi @anadonnis ,

    We have received similar feedback about hold-to-activate keymaps missing on Tartarus V2. We do acknowledge that it's an important feature for the users for Tartarus V2 and will be addressed in a future update.

    Having said that, Hypershift is not a replacement for keymaps. It's a special modifier key which works across all Razer devices when pressed, and will continue to work alongside the 8 keymaps on Tartarus, so you could effectively have 16 keymaps if you count hypershift binds as an additional keymap.

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  5. EightFourSeven2

    EightFourSeven2 New Member

    (not meaning to hijack the thread: i found it looking indeed for keymap toggling vs Hypershifting. Migrating from a Nostromo N52 btw)

    While on the subject of the ancient Belkin Nostromo software :) here's a screenshot for maybe some inspiration. In Synapse3 i do miss being able to name mappings (key+function). It makes finetuning so much easier.
    I suppose there's no chance of an autoimport/convert from Belkin Nostromo's .n52 profile files?

    /a fresh nostromo-tartarusv2 convert
  6. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    There is no converting from what I can tell. I actually just hooked up all my keypads and rapid reproduced the profiles manually...except when I get to the point where I needed a 2nd level of hold to activate keys... There is none in this software. Apparently the Hypershift differenciates itself if you have MULTIPLE Razer products and want to change keymaps on more than one device with a single key. Since the keypad takes the place of the keyboard, that could only mean getting an extra set of keys on a mouse, and I find it hard to aim while focusing on simultaneously pressing mouse buttons so that's a no go for me.

    I can take it back even further than the n52. This warcraft 3 profile is like 14 years old. With 2 rows of keys and 3 levels of hold to activate keys, I get more out of this than I do out of the Tartarus v2 and 4 rows of keys...

    I am literally checking for a patch daily.

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  7. Carakwa

    Carakwa New Member

    Please patch this soon because.
    because I'm really disappointed I buy the tartarus v2 thinking that it would be the same as my other keyboard but I can not use the keymatch switch as I would like Its really frustrating
  8. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    Tartarus V2 is literally a strobe light on my desk right now. Most recent patch made the back ground dark (dark theme) and now crashes software when I click on keymap 2 to test to see if functionality has been put in place. An absolute complete waste of money that they put out this beta software with a very real retail product at a retail price and made NO way to use this with the current existing software.

    I cannot tell you how upsetting this is and I do not believe they are going to fix this because it will make Hypershift all but useless....
  9. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member


    Please refer to my response above. Once again, Hypershift is not a replacement for anything, it's an inter-device modifier key and has a different purpose altogether.
  10. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    Respectfully, your response makes absolutely no reasonable sense. I am beginning to believe Razer does not know how its customers are using its devices. No where in the description of Hypershift does it suggest that you need more than one Razer device to get the most of out this aspect of the software. What two devices am I supposed to use together to get "an extra set of buttons across multiple devices?" Isnt this implementation already inside Synapse 2 (see image)?

    I find it hard to believe that an aspect of the software that has been there for 14 years (yep...that long) has now been removed and REPLACED with something with a fancy name (Hypershift!!!). You say that it has not been replaced but something as simple as putting back the button modifier to return the original keymap when the modifier button is released, is suspiciously absent from anyupdates to this software that I am being FORCED to use. Instead, I get a "dark" theme with the latest update. Unfinished software with a series of new devices with no way to fall back on the years and years of tried and tested changes made to previous versions of Synapse, is unacceptable and needs to be called out. Again, nowhere online or in any reviews do I find Hypershift defined the way you have defined it. It simply says I get an extra set of buttons when I press it. Ridiculous when you consider that this was ALREADY IN THE SOFTWARE.
    interdeviceswitch (2).PNG keymap.PNG
  11. klaus-l

    klaus-l Member

    As far as I understand, Hypershift can work e.G. with a mouse and an orbweaver. You can assgin hypershift to a mouse thumb button, and so you quickly double the number of usable key-assignments on the orbweaver.
    I would be very happy with this functionality, if it works and S3 is stable.
  12. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hypershift is a "default" system-wide modifier (like Ctrl or Alt keys), which itself is fundamentally different from the keymap switching feature you are referring to. Hypershift, being system-wide works across all Synapse 3 devices, new and old (not just keypad and Naga families).

    The multiple-keymaps-per-profile is a device specific feature available only on Keypads and Naga devices.

    I don't know about the specific online reviews you are referring to but I am literally the person who defined Hypershift, so you can take it on good authority that I know what Hypershift is and what it does.

    It has come to our attention that many users have a hard time figuring out exactly how hypershift works, and we definitely intend to try and make it easier for people to understand.

    In either case, as I have mentioned in my first post, we have received similar feedback (such as yours) about Tartarus V2 and we are already working to enable the hold-to-activate keymap functionality, exactly in the way you described.
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  13. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    You are correct in that you have done an extremely poor job of explaining Hypershift to the Razer community. I would be willing to bet everyone reading this views Hypershift as a button you press to get new set of buttons immediately available on the device you are using. Not on some other device you may or may not have purchased. As a long time user of your products and the Belkin keypads before Razer purchased the rights to the Nostromo, I am well aware of how the modifier works. Pressing a button on my keypad to get an extra set of buttons over on my mouse (that by default...already has the ability to map 8 different sets button configurations) is a waste of energy and renders the "across devices" implementation a complete waste, in my opinion. I realize that this is just my opinion but if you believe that people are having a hard time figuring out how Hypershift works now, wait until you have to explain to them the difference between "hold-to-activate" and "Hypershift." The redundancy is mind boggling to me for a company that has been refining hardware and software for as long as Razer has.
  14. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    The exact implementation you just described is in Synapse 2. In fact I just tested this. In the pictures I posted, the "inter device" modifier does exactly what you just said. The difference with Hypershift is that by pressing that thumb modifier on your mouse, you would also change the left and right mouse clicks on that mouse.... because of the "across all devices" nature of Hypershift. Yes you would get a new set of buttons on the Orbweaver but you can do that in the S2 software so there is nothing new to see here. Most are just going to map left and right mouse on the Hypershift layer to avoid losing your ability to click in game/application which makes the function sort of redundant.

    EDIT: I realize that multiple keymaps are only available on Naga mice peripherals and that users who have other devices may be unfamiliar with that function. Hypershift will give you that utility if you have a Razer mamba or S3 compatible mouse. BUT, it stands to reason that people who are looking for button heavy mice to multitask with already have a Naga peripheral... Turning your 3 button mouse into a 6 button mouse via Hypershift is not only cumbersome (try holding down a two buttons at the same time on your mouse while trying to aim...), but sort of pointless considering the customer that is likely to want to use the device in that way.
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  15. klaus-l

    klaus-l Member

    no, Synapse 2 Interdevice doesn't work like I expect. With Interdevice on mouse, I can switch to another Keymap, but not back, it's a permanent switch !
    With Hypershift I get an additional layer like with the Shift or Alt keys on a keyboard. That's the major difference.
    On orbweaver itself, I can assign a key to kemap-change with automatic return to the prevous, but that takes away one key.
    I want to temporary switch the layer quickly from mouse, so I get a doubled count of keys on my orbweaver very quickly !
    Huge difference !
  16. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    Either way...you lose a button on the mouse that you have to assign to Hypershift. You're having your modifier on the mouse as opposed to the Orbweaver. However, in Synapse 3 (i dont think Orbweaver is currenty compatible) you cant use that keymap and automatically return to the previous which is the whole reason for this thread. What is huge is that THAT has been removed from the software!
  17. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    Is there any update on when this patch will become available? I am literally checking my notifications daily for this. A general timeline to stave off the daily disappointment perhaps? 1st quarter? Before the end of the year, etc?
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  18. Sylias

    Sylias New Member

    I have been a fan Razer since they took over the Belkin n52 speed pad. I have every version if the thing including this one. I have had every version of naga epics, and Mouse pads I'm a fan boy and I look like im sponsored by this company. I always hated synapsys. It shuts down when I'm in the middle of healing a mythic raid. Really sucks. But I love the products.

    Now I buy this new tartarus pad and I'm forced to use synapses 3.0 which does not have keymap swapping. So this new tartarus is a brick to me. Wby would you release a proud t to the public that can not be used as intended. Which makes matters worse is the original came with software that never gave issues.

    The design never needed to change it was fine. In fact it does not even need a new row of buttons. Do you guys even play? Do you ever care about your customers?
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  19. anadonnis

    anadonnis New Member

    This is what happens when you want to justify releasing a "new product" that has little to no benefit over the existing product: you introduce a gimmick (Hypershift) that is quoted in every review of Tartarus V2 as being an expansion over and beyond what is possible with the existing keypads (Tartarus V1, Orbweaver, Nostromo, etc).

    It is no coincidence that Hypershift is introduced, and the "shift" type keymapping (modifier that returns the original key value when the modifier button is released) is mysteriously removed completely. It would have been a redundancy that would make Hypershift a head scratcher since it does the same thing on a much smaller scale. Supposedly there is a ton of calls for this function to be reintroduced to the software but instead their focus is on delaying and not responding and making superficial changes to this broken software (synapse 3).

    I am so upset everytime I have to play Warcraft 3 and other games with my Nostromo n50 instead of the $90 keypad (that i bought simply because they fixed the thumb pad). I literally cannot use this keypad for anything technical and macro intensive.
  20. Sylias

    Sylias New Member

    Hyper shift in theory is a good option but not allowing it to have more then one keymap is not. Again do they even play? I have 3 key maps set on the thumb button(which took a while to get used too as the nostromo was a d pad not an analog stick) ex up is red shift left is blue shift right is green shift. Then I have all those keys set as Alt 1-0 shirt 1-0 and ctrl 1-0 default is normal wasd type layout. This allows me to bind every Thing and shift on the fly.

    Razer fix this all ready. I get you want to use a mouse button to shift the tartarus. And that's cool but allow us to use the me I map correctly . Or contact me so I can return this beautiful looking brick I bought
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