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[XPS 15/RBS?]I know, I know, there's so many same topics been discussed...

Discussion in 'Systems' started by AzoRaJK, Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. AzoRaJK

    AzoRaJK New Member

    I’ve been following Razer Blade Stealth, Razer Blade 2016, Razer Core for almost half a year, and I’ve read most of the threads posted here since then. The reason is that I’m so into RBS since it launched in U.S. back in January’16. I’ve been waiting so patiently for the Stealth to start selling in my country (Malaysia, not sure how many Malaysians here are interested with Razer system) but so far I haven’t heard any news (Should be soon enough since @Min-Liang Tan's at Malaysia today?). I wasn’t really into XPS 15 until recently I saw the smackdown review of Blade 2016 & XPS 15 by MobileTechReview, it shaken my decision of buying Stealth + Core.

    First of all I love and only use lightweight notebooks that does not exceed 2kgs maximum. I like how the laptops being so light to carry as in my opinion a laptop should be as convenient as they can be. I’m currently using Sony Vaio S and it weighs only 1.7kg, which is why I’ve been looking for other lightweight notebooks and found that Razer is good at this. However, money is also one very important issue. Im so pressured to stretch myself to get a Razer Blade as $2,000 is an impossible mission for me now. Stealth caught my eyes as for that money I’m paying, I really get a great value in terms of QHD display, i7 processor, a unique aluminum body, a stunning chroma keyboard etc ( guess you all know better than me). I’ve decided to buy a Core as well since I mostly playing AAA title games (Rise of Tomb Raider, Batman AK are the games I’m looking right now) to power up Stealth’s graphic.

    But what’s really bothering my decision is while waiting for Razer to set their foot into Asia Pacific market, XPS 15 9550 shines itself (I know it’s been in the market for a long time, not sure why I am not attracted by XPS before) by just looking at its infinity edge display and when it compares with Blade 2016, Blade looks a bit awful (personal opinion). It got me thinking, since I’m going to buy Stealth, Core and possibly GTX1070 or RX 480 which in total of $1,600 (MYR6,400 excludes tax), will I be better off if I choose XPS 15 at a cost of $1,700 (MYR6999 tax included) instead?

    Here’s what I like and dislike XPS as compared with RBS:


    1. Bezelless screen. Of course.

    2. Core i7 Quad Core over Duo Core RBS (Duo Core is not bad too)

    3. 960m Graphic is good enough for now as I don’t play most recent AAA games.

    4. Upgradable RAM, which the laptop may last longer if I’m taking good care of it.


    1. The speakers really annoy me when they are located at bottom front but not at the side of keyboards. Thankfully I have a Bluetooth speaker (JBL Flip). RBS has a better speaker.

    2. Webcam, but I don’t use that much, so I’ll ignore it.

    3. I wish XPS provide QHD touchscreen as well. 4k might be a little expensive and power consuming, but I don’t mind carrying power cord at all times. RBS QHD looks nice.

    4. 2kg was not my preferred weight.

    I know most people compare XPS 15 with Blade 2016 which right now I know it’s unfair to compare with RBS instead, but trust me I’ll buy Blade 2016 for sure if my wallet is full enough. $2,000 (MYR 8,000 excluding tax) is just too much for me so I have no choice but to look at 2 of these systems. I would have buy RBS if it’s available in my country but I wonder if the Core will take longer time to be available here as I’m very aware of the Core’s availability right now. Also, if I’m going for XPS 15, GTX960m should survive in a few years and by the time then I’m sure there’s other cheaper eGPU to prolong the XPS (correct me if I’m wrong, I need your comments on this very much) as I’m concern about future proving very much. That’s why I choose Razer too.

    Sorry if I’ve wasted your time, but I really appreciate if you guys out there read my whole lengthy post. So please be kind enough to help me through with my decision. I know I’m very indecisive plus this is quite some amount of money I have to deal with.

    OK done. I’m so happy to share my problems here and thank you all in advance!
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  2. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    I guess the stealth + core + good gpu for AAA will also cost around 2000$
  3. AzoRaJK

    AzoRaJK New Member

    I'm speculating a $1,000 laptop, $400 Core & $200 gpu. I can live with GTX 960 or other secondhand gpu that I can find in the market as long as it doesn't go above $200:smile_:
  4. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm I guess the 960 is ok for now, but I think it would be more intelligent to save up a little more and get atleast a 970
    You said you want to play AAA titles now and in the future, but it doesn't make much sense then to get a 960
  5. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    There is that new amd video card which says it can do vr, for 199$

    Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink
  6. AzoRaJK

    AzoRaJK New Member

    Yep. That's the RX 480 which I mentioned somewhere in my super long thread. I think either GTX 1070 or RX 480 will give me enough juices to play the games I want even in future as that "golden 60 FPS" is never a must as long as it's playable.
  7. IniAfi

    IniAfi Member

    hello, i'm from Indonesia

    and i think Malaysia still got more luck than Indonesia, which is not included in razer region. They will launch the Blade stealth, i'm sure enough

    For your main issue.
    I recommended you with Razer blade stealth + core. it can goes mobile and godlike performance with the core. besides, you can upgrade your graphic card anytime you like which is more future proving than xps 15 and it so thin and light ;)

    if stealth release in Malaysia, i'm sure the core will release too, maybe it separate by week or month. but, since you're saving enough money. its worth to wait ;)

    its my opinion, hope its help you
  8. AzoRaJK

    AzoRaJK New Member

    Hey! Thanks for commenting on my post. We both know it sucks to feel like we're somehow abandoned by the other side of more advanced countries.

    So you'll be buying Razer Blade Stealth as well? What currently that holds me back from buying the Stealth is that I don't know if I still want a 12.5 inch laptop anymore. 15.6' seems really nice. However the speakers of XPS 15 is my concern too. I just wish that I can try out these laptops somewhere before I make my decision.:frown_:
  9. bearda

    bearda Active Member

    I have an XPS 13 (9350) that I believe has the same trackpad as the 9550. If the RBS had been available in November when I ordered the XPS 13 I would have returned the XPS and tried a RBS. The trackpad on the XPS 13 (and I think the 9550) is truly terrible in my opinion. Take this with a grain of salt since I'm biased by using mostly Apple trackpads (say what you will about Macs, but trackpads are one thing Apple can do really well) and I haven't been able to play with the RBS too much. It seems like the XPS 13 is constantly picking up errant taps while typing, has a great deal of difficulty picking up two-finger taps for right-clicks, and is fairly lazy with other gestures like two-finger scrolling. Trackpad issues are a common comparing in the Dell subreddit, with a lot of people trying to shoehorn the Synaptics drivers in to varying degrees of success.

    I may be overly sensitive to these issues, but if you get a chance to play around with the 9550 for a bit first pay extra attention to the trackpad and make sure it isn't a deal breaker. I also feel I got burned by the USB-C docking stations, as the Thunderbolt model was pulled from sale (never worked right) and the USB-C version still isn't reliable enough for daily use. Hopefully the Core is more solid than the Dell accessories.
  10. IniAfi

    IniAfi Member

    i love blade stealth, but. since its not available in INdonesia, the price is overporiced due of the tax :slightly_sad: i'll think it later

    what is your need with new notebook ? if you want to to office, i think 12.5 inch is enough. but,. if you want to design and editing. i recommended with 15.6 inch. the color and screen more preciese than 12.5 inch notebook. for the speaker, youc an use external speaker ( i uses ferox, and its well balanced ;) )
  11. I'd think about saving up for the Blade if you need the screen size. If not, probably Stealth? A friend keeps running into a lot of problems with the XPS and then he finally returned.
  12. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    I bought RBS UHD for 1528 bucks and a GTX 1080 FE for 609 bucks. now I am ready to spend another 500 bucks for core. you know that will be pretty expensive, even comparing with top tier gaming laptops.
  13. AzoRaJK

    AzoRaJK New Member

    I want to thank you all for giving me so much info here that I wasn't aware of. It seems like both machines have their very own unique advantages.

    I get what you mean on this issue. As far as I know, Apple is still making one of the the best trackpads and once you used them, you never feel like using other trackpads again. For me as long as it's sensitive enough, that shouldn't be a problem. However if there's a chance for me to try it out before purchase I'd love to do it.

    Actually I'm not going to use much on heavy tasks except some Excel for my work. I'll be mainly using it for watching movies, surfing internet, gaming, but i travel a lot hence portability is essential to me.

    That's where the problem came from. It's too pricey to have a ultralight gaming laptop. I don't plan to spend over $2k on laptop. In fact $1.6k is already reaching my limit. I play some heavy 3D games, but only occasionally. If I buy XPS 15, I can buy eGPU like the Core in some years later and probably in that time this technology will be more common.

    Still indecisive!:confused_:
  14. systembizIceberg073

    systembizIceberg073 New Member

    We don't know for sure if the XPS will support the Core yet, so far it seems to work but buggy the last I heard.
    I really hope it gets all worked out.
  15. KappaSh0t

    KappaSh0t Member

    The XPS 15 seems overpriced for those specs listed on their website
  16. AzoRaJK

    AzoRaJK New Member

    For XPS 13 it definitely overprice, but for 15 I think it's a good bargain as i get quad core processor, gtx960m, 8gb DDR4 RAM upgradable. But I really want to know which part makes you feel that it's overpriced? So i can reconsider too.:smile_:
  17. If Blade is too much, I'd honestly wait a month or 2 for Pascal or maybe like Asus ROG or something
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