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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Ziki <3, Feb 3, 2015.


Would you like the razer blade to be sold in Europe?

  1. Yes. 'cus I live in Europe.

  2. No. 'cus I'm a peasant/live in the US/asia/russia.

  3. Don't care.. ;p

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  1. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    Seems as though the new Blade is here, I may as well make this, I'm sure a lot more have done so too. But seriously?! Why isn't there a Blade for Europe? I bet there are many, many people that'd snap one up! Myself too! >-< They really need to release one, doesn't even need to be the Blade Pro, a normal Blade will do! Think of the British! :heart:
  2. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    The blade is probably the only laptop i would buy but its frustrating you cant get it in the UK. You can get it from a retailer online but they stick another £600+ on the price tag which just makes its too much.
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  3. Helgo

    Helgo New Member

    I agree. I have asked many times before, but never got an answer about shipping to europe. Im inches away form buying MSI or something else now..
  4. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    I'm willing to wait.
  5. Antvi

    Antvi New Member

    I completely agree with you here. I travel around a lot and I need something powerful and lightweight to carry with me. The Blade is simply perfect for this and it would make me (and my back) very happy to get one here.

    There's definitely a demand for an EU release. I'm not sure why Razer aren't releasing one though. I'm sure they have their reasons but an official statement would be nice just to clear things up as to whether we may see a release or not.
  6. Dragg325

    Dragg325 New Member

    Buying Blade from Ebay looking not safe for me. So it would be great if i can order laptop from UK or somewhere closer to my country.
  7. TheCustodian

    TheCustodian New Member

    Completely with this, Razer you are losing tons of money to MSI and Gigabyte, pump the money in and bring it to Europe. I've been waiting for one since the first one was revealed!
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  8. ProGaar

    ProGaar New Member

    Razer blade..

    ..I need it.
    I'm going to need a computer for gaming on the go, and for studying a researching.
    I would love for it to be a gloaaariousss blade. But I can't. Why? I live in EU-MADAFAKING-ROPE!
    :slightly_sad: I'm here to request two things:

    1: Sell it in EU.
    2: sell it to me personally and ship it with an autograph :]?
  9. PandaCrafter2

    PandaCrafter2 Member

  10. Ailleus

    Ailleus Member

    I think official EU sales are still far ahead. It´s not as simple as Razer would just start shipping to Europe. They have TONs of issues to work out before Blades are to be sold in EU.

    Firstly, consider Razers manufacturing capabilities - at the moment as far as I have heard they are barely coping with demand in US. Firstly they need to increase manufacturing capabilities. This takes around 5 years.

    Secondly, consider that in case Razer wants to sell its products officially in EU, it has to comply with required EU regulations. Notwithstanding the 20% import duty, they have to have recycling plan, marketing allies, support, warranties, etc. This takes time.

    Atm the best option is to have a vacation in US and simply buy one at the US.

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