Defiance 2050 is Live Today for Founders

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by aduooteqbvnk, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Be on high alert for arkfall activity as Defiance 2050 makes its debut on PS4 today, as part of the July 6 Head Start! Play as one of many unique classes in this free-to-play futuristic cooperative online shooter that releases wide on July 10, or join in the Head Start now by becoming a Founder (North America only).
    Each class in Defiance 2050 has impactful abilities and passive effects to help you kick the shtako out of your enemies. Create your own Ark Hunter and choose between classes ranging from the all-around Assault, deadly Assassin, supportive Combat Medic, relentless Guardian, and explosive Demolitionist. Select one base class for free, or grab a pre-order pack to play as a Demolitionist. Keep in mind you can unlock classes through gameplay, and you can quickly swap between classes, loadouts, and respecs for free. We want players to customize and experiment as they embark into a massive post-apocalyptic world filled with alien-infused weapons, gear, and arkfalls that will crash to the earth as you play through the story of Defiance.
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