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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by kkaps, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. kkaps

    kkaps New Member

    I was thinking of buying the game, should I?
  2. BoxPunch

    BoxPunch New Member

    It was fun. Most of my friends stopped playing so it got boring =(
  3. listIes

    listIes New Member

    It can be very repetitive. There is not a lot of content. Bungie is very frustrating when it comes to communicating with the community. Despite all its problems, I can't stop playing.
  4. Twinkyz

    Twinkyz New Member

    Incredible repetitive, end game falls off really fast.
  5. smokingace808

    smokingace808 New Member

    It gets boring the moment your friends stop playing
  6. megaforce1020

    megaforce1020 New Member

    I seriously played this game for a week and then got bored of the redundancy
  7. AxelCloris

    AxelCloris New Member

    I enjoyed it but it didn't last long. Wait a bit longer and get it when it's in the $30 range.
  8. Kyoubou

    Kyoubou New Member

    I like the game the pvp in it is pretty good.
  9. JohnTHaller

    JohnTHaller New Member

    The game has a great feel, similar to Halo in many ways, which makes sense. Multiplayer is a lot of fun, especially the 6-player raids... which are pretty unique in console FPSs. If you're buying it for story, don't. The head writer left about a year before the game was released and the story was completely gutted. 6 months before release, they threw together a set of cards you can read some backstory on that you need to do on the web or with an app on your phone. You can't even read them in-game like the Mass Effect codex.
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