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DIY Headphone Stand + Razer LED Controller

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seaweeda, Jan 12, 2016.

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  1. APATITEXanadutech438

    APATITEXanadutech438 Active Member

    I'd prob buy one too
  2. Eoinmc97

    Eoinmc97 Member

    We all would XD
  3. GaugePrower

    GaugePrower Member

    If it could sync with the rest of my setup and "Wave" I'd be in for a purchase as well for my Kraken 7.1's to have a home.

    The lighting for the stand you make would have different zones, depending on what you cannibalize to create the stand. A Blackwidow would have too many led's, maybe the tournament edition could work depending on how big you're making the stand, and how intense you're trying to make the lighting. If you want to go simple, and with just a clean line around the stand, I'd cannibalize a Firefly since it's the cheapest Chroma peripheral, and it can "wave" which is promising.

    The only downside is that Razer hasn't given us the "Configurator" for the Chroma lighting on the Firefly yet. I like your idea, as it's similar to what I was thinking about doing underneath my desk and behind my computer monitors to have some matching ambient lighting to the rest of the Chroma setup. Maybe I'll have to take the controller out of one of those Lenovo towers when they come out :)

    On that note, Razer, if you're paying attention. I wish you offered something similar to NZXT's Hue+ that would Sync with the rest of your Chroma line via Synapse. Hint Hint.
  4. ilmap

    ilmap New Member

    that looks awesome I'd but one of those
  5. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    Very cool, thanks for sharing the video!

    SEAWEEEEDA Active Member

    i'm still trying to source for a spoilt Razer chroma mouse. I can't find any yet, if I can't then I would just stick to the one in the video he used. This might even get expanded to a chassis LED lighting! Razer should totally come up with their version of the NZXT Hue+ that is configurated by Synapse!
  7. jaywhojaycee

    jaywhojaycee Member

    look very nice
  8. Cuttershy

    Cuttershy Active Member

    Wow, yeah nooo, i would just hurt myself if i tried to build this.

    SEAWEEEEDA Active Member

    I've started designing and cutting the wood etc. will post pictures of progress soon! maybe tomorrow. Although currently i'm using cheap wood (they're free, unwanted wood from the workshop), i MIGHT buy some really cheap solid wood from somewhere if its worth it. not those high quality ones but might do. :)
  10. ffnc1020

    ffnc1020 Member

    I really like your idea, I am a engineering grad student as well and I also have access to machine shop, only if I have time from all the school work I have to do.

    But if you just want to have something chroma, you don't need a razer device. You can just get a cheap LED strip and use some cheap microcontroller to control it. I am sure you can get an Arduino or mbed or something like that to program the logic that suits your desire.

    Good luck with your project!
  11. kensoon89

    kensoon89 Member

    wa~~who can make this 1 for me?????i need it~~
  12. nfswmaniac

    nfswmaniac Member

    if u can get one second hand on the cheap, it is worth trying

    SEAWEEEEDA Active Member

    Hi, yeah I do have a controller that uses a remote to control the LED strip. But it would be great if Synapse could control it along with the rest of Razer products. Imagine my friend's mouse and keyboard goes green but the headphone stand stays red... or vice versa. that would be colour-awkward
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