#FreeYourMind - CES 2015

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 2, 2015.

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  1. Dorkmaster

    Dorkmaster New Member

    Razer VR
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  2. 99996444

    99996444 New Member

    is that new razer laptop i hope :/ maybe razer ebola xD
  3. duall3r

    duall3r New Member

    I just hope for a relaunch of project Christine, cause the idea is too great to be exaggerated for just drawing attention. Really hope.
  4. SirPandalot

    SirPandalot New Member

    Razer Brain Wave controller!!!
  5. Garagee

    Garagee New Member

    I see the Nabu alpha phase and the shout out! I sign up to the beta! I cant wait whats the time is i can buy it in the shop. And i really-really interested in what is the next, maybe a brain controlled interface?! :) So exiting!
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  6. Well, I'm still waiting for Razor mini-desktop...:)
  7. megatronends

    megatronends New Member

    When is the RAZER keynote, will it be streamed online ?
    I would love to watch it.
  8. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Guessing some mobile gaming or virtual reality headset?!
  9. Inillortep

    Inillortep New Member

    My money is on a VR device. Has to be at least something worn on the head though.
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  10. Norci7

    Norci7 New Member

    Some kind of VR tech (2015 is about VR after all) and new Chroma peripherals of course.
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  11. it will be awesome if razer make monitor and miniature for the desk decoration
    i would like to buy it :D
  12. MiNiMiZeR

    MiNiMiZeR New Member

    mostly we are guessing a VR system, but i guess we'll also get to see a gtx970M updated blade {hoping it gets sold outside from USA :slightly_sad: }
  13. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    I hope we are getting a virtual reality helmet soon or a smart phone would be cool.
  14. Abidon

    Abidon New Member

    Min already stated that any products revealed at CES this year will also be released this year
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  15. JonnyB

    JonnyB New Member

    I am interested in a Razer VR setup. Since there has been a lot of that going on.
  16. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    For everyone "interested" in a VR setup... would you actually BUY the thing? The Oculus Rift is cool as hell, but it's not exactly making me weak at the knees to throw money at it.

    For me:
    Release Project Christine? You betcha
    A new Edge? Take my money!
    Updated Blade? Here's my CC #

    "Interest" doesn't always mean dollars/pounds/yen/yuan for a company.
  17. JonnyB

    JonnyB New Member

    For me personally I would spend the money on a VR set up from Razer so far all the products I have purchased from them have been of excellent quality. I wouldn't hesitate to spend the money on it
  18. Acidburst

    Acidburst New Member

    Razer might surprise us with the Razer Diaper!
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  19. ToPeos

    ToPeos New Member

    maybe something for fps games...? (my favorite)
  20. Janisku7

    Janisku7 New Member

    could it be Razer VR perhaps, then there is other possibilities like refreshing blades to maxwell
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