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#FreeYourMind with OSVR

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. Xenious

    Xenious New Member

    Are there plans for support on OS X?
  2. MataPichones

    MataPichones Member

    Tried DK2 and coulnd´t stand it more than 10 minutes, caused horrible headache.
  3. seems cool, but I'd probably puke playing it.
  4. MrY0lk

    MrY0lk New Member

    Can't wait to see how this turns out. With everyone creating their own proprietary stuff, it's not so great for developers. Having an open source project like this one for VR sounds like a really good thing.
  5. roknrox

    roknrox New Member

    Can't wait for OSVR, plus as it's open-source, it'll give other people (like TV and Movie studios) the chance to start with VR, seeing as how 3D TV flopped so badly in the marketplace.

    Plus, indie developers can get on-board also, it sounds like it's win-win all round.
  6. Ljenkinsjr

    Ljenkinsjr New Member

    As a game dev, I think this will really help get VR into the indie markets a little better. But I still wish the HDK was easily accessible and not expensive.
  7. Eziomax

    Eziomax New Member

    This is going to be good competition against Oculus.
  8. BeardslyDude

    BeardslyDude New Member

    I'm interested in vr but I'd definitely have to try before the buy. Just not sure how good it is
  9. BeardslyDude

    BeardslyDude New Member

    But I suppose if it was priced cheap enough and I had the option of returning it if it wasn't for me then I'd give it a shot
  10. Shellsbells

    Shellsbells New Member

    I'm so glad you guys made this open source.
  11. erikjhockey

    erikjhockey New Member

    Any ideas for a note immersive experience with a platform?
  12. ShNWty

    ShNWty New Member

    im getting this for sure
  13. Synapticbeat

    Synapticbeat New Member

    Looks better than the oculus.
  14. oakcool

    oakcool New Member

    Is there a common dev platform? Any libraries?
  15. oakcool

    oakcool New Member

    Whats the dev history, can I integrate with my stuff?
  16. mannat

    mannat New Member

    this looks awesome!
  17. rhbourbonnais

    rhbourbonnais New Member

    I have a 3D printer. Thanks for making this Open!!!!!!!! :)
  18. Been waiting for this for too long. For use want one
  19. TZKUnit

    TZKUnit New Member

    So this is basically an Oculous Rift version by Razer?
  20. ThisGuy20

    ThisGuy20 New Member

    Interesting. If only I knew how to code semi-decently... :slightly_sad:
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