#FreeYourMind with OSVR

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by technokat, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. ldminh.94

    ldminh.94 New Member

    Depends on what games you play (I think). I play Modern Combat 5 on my OnePlus One for about 2 hours and my head starts spinning.
  2. Chro_

    Chro_ Member

    Neat platform for VR! Although I have never played with VR devices, I can't wait to at least try it out. Glad this one is open source based.
  3. pvtpylexx

    pvtpylexx New Member

    Cant wait for this to come to retail
  4. MaxEnt

    MaxEnt New Member

    Experience genuine presence. One step closer to the holodeck.
  5. Robotdude

    Robotdude New Member

    How hard would it be to 3d print this?
  6. chagged

    chagged New Member

    Awesome... I want one
  7. Zaituswow

    Zaituswow New Member

    This is going to amazing! I hope Razer can create a challenge for the competitors.
  8. Joachim_oYo

    Joachim_oYo New Member

    VR is the future imo and for this to be open source is a great idea. Big props to Razer for putting the people first
  9. Kirito_Kun

    Kirito_Kun New Member

    Seems like the first step to true "Full Dive" virtual reality. I hope that Razer takes this further than the one unit
  10. Kloryc

    Kloryc New Member

    Really interested in where the world will go with this. The way VR is growing reminds me of .hack series with their VR game. I wonder how immersive the experience games of the future will be, but at the same time the effects of VR on society and social interactions that will happen between people.
  11. WhenItCounts

    WhenItCounts New Member

    Amazing! I was having a feeling that Razer would enter the VR market sooner or later! I'm not really into VR gaming, but........ willing to try it out if when Razer starts to sell these!
  12. saxophender

    saxophender Member

    Win! I don't have to throw money at Facebook for VR gaming anymore.
  13. campu0999

    campu0999 New Member

    This looks awesome, i think it is good to have competition to the sony and rift VR headsets as more competition should lead to more development and research. This time VR can really take off and i'm sure the community is ready to support it.
    I can't wait :)
  14. Haych

    Haych New Member

    I heard they're making VR for movies now. Well some studios are looking into it. Could be an awesome way to watch a movie through the eyes of someone.
  15. Super excited!
  16. JustinBaldeo

    JustinBaldeo New Member

    Well done.
  17. so cool!!

  18. cjg_X10

    cjg_X10 New Member

    Wow, this is pretty incredible technology. I can't wait to see how far it impacts the gaming world.
  19. Xlegiicy

    Xlegiicy New Member

    useing this on AoA would be mine blowing
  20. rosssull

    rosssull New Member

    This is amazing, I hope I'll have enough skill to contribute to the development! My list for anyone who can pull it off: Skyrim, DayZ, War Thunder, YouTube on desktop. Good Luck! ;)
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