[Giveaway] Fear comes in all shades of Razer Chroma

Discussion in 'Contests and Giveaways' started by Razer.WolfPack, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. KetsuKarasu

    KetsuKarasu New Member

    probably wont win with my luck haha but still worth a try :3 anyone know why login/signup doesnt work??
  2. Blue_HD

    Blue_HD New Member

    i have a really bad feeling about this
  3. hectorvaldes02

    hectorvaldes02 New Member

    It will be awesome!
  4. JETPuceaero660

    JETPuceaero660 New Member

    Thanks for the chance !
  5. I'd like an actual game to play on my incoming Blade...

    1 Entry is probably enough.
  6. Good luck for we all
  7. Titofenix

    Titofenix New Member

    nice razer :)

    saludos desde colombia
  8. Omnikronik

    Omnikronik New Member

    Uh, won't let me sign up for Razer Insider.. wtf..

    bla, had to log out and back in for it to work..
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2017
  9. MaDMan242

    MaDMan242 New Member

    Fingers crossed !!
  10. boyesalas

    boyesalas New Member

    GG HF all of you guys!
  11. carpexnoctem

    carpexnoctem New Member

    It won't let me log in/sign up to Razor Insider even though I'm logged in and signed up as I'm entering. The status doesn't change on the giveaway. I never can submit all entries for giveaways.
  12. Shinohara.Taiki

    Shinohara.Taiki New Member

    Good luck :D
  13. DeadlySnake8

    DeadlySnake8 New Member

    cant get the last "LOG IN / SIGN IN" what i need do :/
  14. hope i winn^^
  15. L3ngxu3

    L3ngxu3 New Member

    Haha, is definitely worth a try but I guess free stuffs are always hard to get and because of that I don't put any hope in winning :smile_:.
  16. Tyr808

    Tyr808 New Member

    You should also award razer branded underwear to the winners. They'll need them :')
    kajira likes this.
  17. Dansec

    Dansec New Member

    gonna have to get the 1 if i win :eek:
  18. ShadowAtNight

    ShadowAtNight New Member

    Good luck everyone!
  19. Maygenj2

    Maygenj2 New Member

    Never played a horror game before. Wonder if it will make me jump in my chair.
  20. mmgasker

    mmgasker New Member

    Is it possible for a non player to win this?
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