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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. AKA_db

    AKA_db New Member

    Not sure this qualifies as a 'greatest memory', but I still remember very fondly the day I got my first Razer Kraken. I felt like such a pro gamer with those on!! :big_grin_:
  2. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    One of my greatest moments was when I got my Razer keyboard...I was like "why didn't someone tell me about the difference from a regular keyboard?". Being in my 40's I need every advantage I can get to beat the kidz, and you know what - it works! Thank you Razer for helping me show the kidz that this old man can still pwn them! :big_grin_:
  3. zeeble

    zeeble New Member

    This was so long ago, but I entered a gamer girl competition where Razer asked to share the most memorable moment. I received a code to get a free T-shirt by paying shipping and deicded, "why not!" The t-shirt came in such beautiful packaging and still holds up today! But not only that, I was gifted a Razer Lachesis and used it for like 8 years. This was my first gaming gear piece and the addiction is real! I recently upgraded to the DeathAdder and picked up a Blackwidow Ultimate, which is my first mechanical keyboard! I think I can blame Razer for the gaming addiction. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Gaming has never been so stylish!
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  4. RViscerous

    RViscerous New Member

    For some reason Razer mice ended up being a thing in the family. My first would be the Diamondback Chameleon and got replaced with a Plasma Limited Edition. In turn my sister ended up getting a Copperhead, and here I am now with a Diamondback 2015 for old time's sake.
  5. kkong_no_id

    kkong_no_id New Member

    Has to be the first gaming mouse i ever got, the Ouroboros.
  6. Cyprusgirl

    Cyprusgirl New Member

    the day I got the razer mouse :heart:
  7. Nyenna

    Nyenna Member

    Getting the Orbweaver for digital art together with my wacom cintiq. Best investment ever, way better for my posture! If it's not that one, then it was opening the deathadder 2013 packaging. I was so impressed by the quality of the packaging, will never forget that impression.
  8. Mativx

    Mativx New Member

    the day i went to a store and i took a Razer Mousepad medium Control edition :D it was a nice purchase i have 3 years now and it still lit
  9. medusaxcore

    medusaxcore New Member

    Oh man, my best memory was finally making the jump and picking up a pair of Krakens and ever since then I've always been a Razer fan. And this event couldn't have happened at a more prefect time since my laptop finally died 2 weeks ago. So thank you Razer and the Mods for throwing this contest. GLHF everyone!!
  10. Daralex

    Daralex New Member

    The first Razer i got was the naga. It helped me big time as a tank in WoW. It made the dungeons and raids easier.
    Thank You Razer!
  11. my tartarus / naga and deathstalker did more for my health and
    backache than you can belief for it help my a lot . for i love to game,work and studie on my custom rig only it for hours on 1 time . so i love my razer gear a lot :smile_:. thanks razer love your stuff
  12. Silvwyvn

    Silvwyvn New Member

    My very first Razer product was the Blade (Late 2016). It has impressed many people with its magnificent design and incredible performance in such a small form factor. Every time when someone asks me "what awesome laptop is that?", I am always proud to introduce them to the world of Razer.
  13. md584

    md584 New Member

    I think the first beginnings of Razer products came about blew me away. The style, the power. It needed to be done for gamers.
  14. blckwing

    blckwing New Member

    do not know if a program counts but used razer comms when it first came out and was the first program to utilize the surround sound setup for the 5.1 or the 7.1 wireless headset device drivers to place folk around you like they were in the same room as you. i liked that. thank you for allowing me to also beta test that on the phone.
  15. 112700

    112700 New Member

    My greatest memory has to be when I bought my first mouse, the Deathadder Chroma and got to experience the RGB master race!
  16. jdmachogg

    jdmachogg New Member

    Totally love the day I got my DeathAdder Chroma (and still!!). Best mouse I've had.
  17. Mangelo

    Mangelo New Member

    always happy with razer products, death adder still one of my favorites.
  18. PThonor

    PThonor New Member

    My first experience with a razer product was an Blackwidow Ultimate I got from a friend. I loved playing League on it because it was so clicky. I love the feel of the mechanical keyboards
  19. Meyvol

    Meyvol New Member

    Loved getting the Star Wars: The Old Republic headset when the game came out. It was very fun to have something like that while playing.
  20. IlRenatolI

    IlRenatolI New Member

    i use razer imperator since 2012, it was my first razer mice, ive bought anothes 2 years ago, best gamming mouse ive ever had, so sad it got discontinued ;(
    now i have an imperator, blackwidow ultimate, tiamat and electra.
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