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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Mine would be when I replaced my Roccat Isku FX with the BlackWidow and I got the deathadder as well... I now also own the BlackWidow Chroma too!

    Always wanted a Blade and was saving up but lost my job through ill health so all the money I saved up went on medical needs instead, even had to sell the original blackwidow and deathadder :frown_:

    Good luck to everyone!
  2. bizSaffron152

    bizSaffron152 New Member

    My first naga helped me get so much better at playing WoW I cant play without one now.
  3. Waffl

    Waffl New Member

    also, the winner will be announced on my birthday ☺
  4. iolooo

    iolooo New Member

    The time my friend let me test his Razer Hammerhead Pro when we were in grade 9. It is definitely the best sounding earphones that i've ever tried. It is better than my current earphones at that time. It has a clear mids and thumping bass, and has a case to put it in after usage.
  5. The first headset I bought was the razer kraken pro chroma,the best headset I have had,the most comfortable headset ever,for long hours of gaming.I have had 5 of your headsets now because I love them so much and all thanks to you guys and syndicate:)
  6. xpewpewpewx

    xpewpewpewx New Member

    my first razer product was the razer copperhead. It was 2nd hand given to me by my best friend which we previously used it together when we played counter-strike, by taking turns. It was the best mouse i'd ever used.
  7. Gahurissant

    Gahurissant Member

    Fairly recent Razer fan here but I gotta admit that my favourite Razer moment was when I first unboxed my Razer Blade 14 ... I was at work and I got so excited about it (My preorder was pushed further and further and I had no gaming rig anymore at this point so I was really blue balled)

    Had to leave work early to go and try it on that evening =)
  8. starjeff3636

    starjeff3636 New Member

    went over to my friend's house once and he had a razer keyboard and mouse and once I used it whilst playing csgo, I fell in love with it. so I started to use razer zone and earn z silver to save up for my own gear, I knew that it would take a long time but it would be worth it. I have been trying to save up some of my own cash to buy the razer blade stealth and the razer core which meant that I would have to sell my laptop. I could buy the late 2016 razer blade stealth for under £1000 but buying it with the razer core just saves me £100. I saw this giveaway on twitter and just had to enter to be able to at least have a chance of winning one for myself as I know that it is a beast of a laptop and can run games smoothly.
  9. ItAteMyBalls

    ItAteMyBalls New Member

    Never knew Razer, I have no idea or what so ever about it until... a friend of mine borrowed me his deathadder razer mouse and i was like GODlike! Best experience ever! I never knew playing games with razer mouse could be so fun and addictive hehe. And ever since then I've been into liking for all kinds razer products. As they say 'By Gamers For Gamers'
  10. My most memorable experience has to be when my brother gave me the DeathAdder as my birthday gift.
  11. swaggyyologamer

    swaggyyologamer New Member

    I brought my forge TV to my Dad's one weekend when my cousins were over. One cousin showed me a bunch of videos on Youtube, and another cousin played Bomb Squad with me. It was great hanging out with them and showing off my new Razer gear.
  12. AnimatedSlinky

    AnimatedSlinky New Member

    When I picked up my blackwidow and deathadder.
  13. T3chn0lust

    T3chn0lust New Member

    Without a doubt when I ordered my Stealth and Core. I had been saving for a new Rig and Laptop for about a year and was able to really take it to the next level with the Core and Stealth. I have a custom Desktop I built for my VM work and heavier Gaming but needed that somthing extra that would make it all complete for a secondary system and for on the go. The look and power of the Stealth was perfict.
  14. Getting my first keyboard from you guys and spending hours admiring all the pretty colours!! :)
  15. M4T0K0L

    M4T0K0L New Member

    When i got my razer hammerhead BT
  16. My favorite Razer memory was when I got my first Razer product which was the Kraken pros and the best part was when I tried them on for the first time. Best headset I have ever had
  17. Piiigggy

    Piiigggy New Member

    Can't look past this as one of my luckiest moments in-game..ever... Clutched this round whilst using the Razer Blackwidow, Firefly and Mamba.
  18. bl00dlust6969

    bl00dlust6969 New Member

    When I first tried my friends Razor Diamondback back in the day.
  19. MagnumLifeGaming

    MagnumLifeGaming New Member

    I'm a kind of new member because I've bought the Razer Man O' War 7.1 Wired Limited Razer Green Edition and I have had an amazing experience with this headset so far, nothing can beat this! It's 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound came in handy when I had an Overwatch 1v1 win streak of five! :wink_:

    I don't need to win, I've already won because I have a Razer product! :smile_:
  20. Spifa

    Spifa New Member

    I was using a very cheap mouse until my friend recommended me to buy a razer naga and playing WoW with that mouse was amazing.
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