Giveaway | What's In Your Bag? - September 2017

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Deleted member 368765, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    just for clarification, that skateboard did not technically fit "inside" the backpack ..... right? or does it?!
  2. VictorLedney

    VictorLedney New Member

    This bag is so OP man!
  3. mrivd10

    mrivd10 New Member

    I wish Ill win this one for my new laptop
  4. KylarFI

    KylarFI Member

    Yes i've won a few myself including a new gaming PC. Ya just gotta keep trying and enter as many as you can find!
    lolmop103 likes this.
  5. L00n3y

    L00n3y New Member

    I don't need that backpack at all, still entered ... xD
  6. Donin

    Donin New Member

    Thx for giveaway.
  7. Eisenpo

    Eisenpo New Member

    Help, i need this Bag!
    lolmop103 likes this.
  8. kyanshi

    kyanshi New Member

    thank you guys! that's an awesome bag
  9. icookiegg

    icookiegg New Member

    nice give away thx razer xD
  10. mrivd10

    mrivd10 New Member

    same thing dude
  11. Warriorkillian2000

    Warriorkillian2000 New Member

    i need this pack cause i need a netebook for the scool
  12. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    I want this backpack so much.
    Sadly, it is VERY overpriced in Brazil :slightly_sad:
  13. lamtazar

    lamtazar New Member

    Great looking backpack. I'm looking for something like that for casual Fridays at work instead of a suitcase :)
  14. N3miX

    N3miX New Member

    Woaaa, i never had a backpack like that, that's awesome!!!!! I'll be so proud with that on street
    Gl everyone ^^
  15. jluizumbi

    jluizumbi New Member

    Big job
  16. billmcphailjr

    billmcphailjr New Member

    Another nice prize.
  17. projectzeus

    projectzeus Member

    Simple but classy
  18. GodLik3Itach1

    GodLik3Itach1 New Member

    Great giveaway!
    Thank you Razer
  19. OmnipotentXK

    OmnipotentXK New Member

    Nice! Thanks Razer!
  20. luka3691

    luka3691 New Member

    OMG i need that backpack.
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