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Hammerhead BT Firmware update

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by p1l0t3, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member


    Is there a firmware update for hammerhead BT ?

    My set is unable to be detected by my razerphone and any other by chipset. When fully charged and powered up, they just blink green in search for pairing. But doesn't appear on any BT app I can find.

    And beside waiting for them to deplete, I don't find any hard reset possibility.

  2. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    And I already tried the unpairing, clearing cache and hard reset of my phone without success.
  3. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    I have updated my phone to 8.1 but the problem persist.

    Is there anyway to "reboot" the hammerheadBT ?

  4. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    So it seems i was able to fix the problem. However i cannot confirm the method employed.
    I believe having turned on the hammerhead bt headset, put it in pairing mode and pressing simultaneously and more than 5 sec the volume up and down buttons have "reset" the headset.

    Next, a simple turn off/on action will allow the headset to be detected by the phone.

    This procedure isn't in the manual.

    Please confirm !
  5. ReaperonYT

    ReaperonYT Active Member

    I had similar on my Hammerhead BT's when connecting to my Pixel2XL.. would tell me it couldn't find them... even though they had already been paired.

    I ended up, deleting the device from the phone, press and hold the middle button and Volume + for about 5-10secs to force it in to pair mode and then resync'd.
    and then sporadically I would get a failure to connect issues.. until I installed one of the android security updates, and this resolved the issue completely.

    It's been working fine ever since.
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