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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by njbrodeur87, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. bicyclebyteWhite031

    bicyclebyteWhite031 New Member

    I have all razer products for my pc, recommend me new headphones for pc gaming
  2. bicyclebyteWhite031

    bicyclebyteWhite031 New Member

    forgot to add budget is 200
  3. ShNWty

    ShNWty New Member

    Well , If you apply the 50% rebate offered today you can pretty much buy any headset on the store , or even 2 , i got the tiamat 7.1 , sound is good but mic is kinda sloppy , the kraken pro Are my default headset , i would recommend them to everyone
  4. fishbone94

    fishbone94 New Member

    I think the Kraken Pro is really the recommended jack-of-all-trades headset when considering price vs value right now. The tiamat 7.1 may prove to be overkill when you're just PC gaming. Though, I could be wrong as I dont own a pair of Tiamats hahaha.
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