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how does wireless affect your gameplay (mouse)

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Tom_Burford, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    i recently upgraded my projector to a 1080p one and i have noticed that i now need a higher dpi mouse to get the same feel out of my control but this got me thinking.

    i have been using a regular desktop wireless mouse for gaming and i havent had any issues but i was wondering what others experiences are.

    i know that a regular wired mouse will feel more responsive than a wireless one but how do especially built for gaming mice compare? is the latency on a wireless gaming mouse so low you cant feel it?

    new to the forum so sorry if this is posted in the wrong section
  2. Well, I had a wireless mouse once, and I never noticed any delay. But i switched to a wired one again, because I was sick of switching batteries or loading.
  3. A few years ago I had a wireless mouse (and keyboard), it was playable at that time, but as mentioned above - switching batteries was too annoying and poor refresh rate (125Hz max). Then switching to wired mouse (almighty Deathadder ;) was just like new quality for gaming - higher dpi, higher refresh rate and no batteries - no turning back for wireless. Only gamepad has survived without cables ;)
  4. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    The way I see it as I am using it on a sofa I get more annoyed with the cables than I do with charging batteries. But gaming purists seem to say that it has to be wired, by all means correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that's because changing batteries is a pain.

    I fully appreciate a high polling rate and high dpi especially on a high res screen (my laptop is 4k) makes a monumental difference. what I am wondering is two mice both same dpi and polling there will be a slight latency in the wireless one (to be expected) I don't expect I will be able to see it but will I find I have reduced head shots?
  5. MrIBlank

    MrIBlank New Member

    I don't notice too much difference in latency BUT what I do notice is that my orochi is MUCH heavier using wireless and I hate it when the battery just dies on me while I'm playing LoL.
  6. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    I had a wireless keyboard/mouse bundle (logitech non gaming) and it worked very good. Had no delay and it was perfect. Was just a regular keyboard for like 20 USD that I got from my brother for christmas. Used it for 2 years and finally switched to a wired keyboard (BW Chrome) and I had a gaming mouse a year after getting the wireless bundle. I still have the mouse/keyboard and I use it for my laptop. I use only mouse for my laptop and it still working like a charm. You don't need to have that expensive wireless stuff unless you want all the DPI settings and what ever else it comes with, or if you have the money to blow and have awesome gear. I saved up and just got tired of the sale. I got the BW Chroma yesterday with 1 day shipping. Got it today and was so happy. Works like a charm.
  7. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    The orochi does have a battery indicator light however, and it can be wired if need be
  8. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    It takes a while to collect all the right gaming kit doesn't it, I might have to treat myself when I have a bit of cash
  9. For years I had a wireless mouse and this past year I got a wired mouse and never noticed a delay from the wireless as I had gotten use to it. The moment I got the wired mouse it was so much better.
  10. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    Out of curiosity what dpi and polling rate for your old and new mouse. I kind of expect that to be what its like, you brain will compensate for quite a bit of delay befor you will stop and say something is wrong
  11. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    I`m allergic to anything wireless, i only once tried a keyboard and mouse ...never again :D
    Everything I own and will own in the future also , will need to be wired.
  12. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    That must be nearly impossible to deal with, there is wireless nearly everywhere now days. Do you live somewhere very rural?

    Is it particular frequencies that cause problems? You can get wireless devices in 2.4 GHz and in 5ghz now days
  13. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    @tomburford is not like I don`t have access to wireless , just prefer wires ... From my prev experience as i said when u are in middle of something important and mouse or keyboard derps cause out of battery or somehow interference with the frequency used and cause a loss in a ranked game / wipe in a raid can be very frustrating :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    And even if it`s not me , i remember friends cursing over TS while doing above mentioned and mouse suddenly fails :D
    For anything else not game related ofc i choose wireless otherwise my house would like spiderman passed trough having a middle age crisis.
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  14. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    Oh sorry, I totall misunderstood.

    I have heard of people who claim to be sensitive to em, in fact a group of people who said they were sensitive to em in wes virgina started a town in the mountains where all wireless is banned.

    I don't actually know of anyone who acually suffers from wireless allergy and it seems unlikely but far be it for me to judge.

    But more to the point, yeah I get what you are saying, dropping out signals can be a real pain in the bum and i could only imagine how rage inducing this would be if you were in a tournament. I work in live events and many of our systems are on pc, I would never consider using a wireless keyboard in a live show, just not worth the risk
  15. Jinxy

    Jinxy New Member

    I find using my mouse in wired or wireless isn't a noticeable difference and as for low battery, I just plug back in to continue playing.
  16. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    It might depend on the use of the mouse. I think a FPS game might be affected more by any type of noticeable delay you could have then lets say a RTS or MOBA. Normal desktop use I don't think you will notice anything.
    I have used my mouses both wired and wireless I have not experienced a delay in wireless mode affecting game play. I'm still testing with DOTA 2, as maybe a few times I thought I had noticed something but it might just be my own mind playing tricks.
  17. Bas.Jack

    Bas.Jack Member

    Generally every wireless mouse i've ever used, sometimes decided to just ignore my movement.
  18. Ailleus

    Ailleus Member

    Afaik, wireless technology has come such a long way that for latest gaming grade products its impossible to notice any real delays. Of course there are always people who dislike, are allergic to, have very specific stile suited to extremely fast mouse movements or notice some delay but heck, there are also people who claim that 2ms refresh difference on their monitors makes a huge difference. That's 2 millisecond (2/1000 second!!!). That's like superhero ability in my book. Anyway, I think that for most ppl, the thing with wireless technology is that it need charging every once in a while, so probably wireless mouse would be perfect if it had cord option also (like Razer Mamba!).

  19. Tom_Burford

    Tom_Burford New Member

    @Ailleus you are totally right I really don't expect people to be able to see anything as short as 2ms
    As i said in another post, I understand the translating the input from you keyboard needs to be quick but that response wont be displayed on a screen for at least two frames of video (unless you have gsync) the frame has to be rendered once and then upto a second frame of delay will be introduced with vsync. If we say we are running at 60hz that's 16ms per frame. However stacking all the ms of delay up could make a difference.

    The best bet is to run your display at 120 hz
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  20. richy877

    richy877 Active Member

    I notice quite a bit of difference between using my old wireless logitech mouse and my wired mouse. When the wireless mouse has a full charge battery it performs well. When it gets low on juice it seems to respond slow when i move the mouse cursor or pause and jump across the screen. It gets annoying when playing games like League or SC2, so I retired it as my laptop mouse for web browsing. Having a wired mouse is the way to go since your gaming experience is more consistent.
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