How many Steam games do you own?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by ttouchdown77, May 16, 2016.

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  1. Blu3Bro_xf_rzr

    Blu3Bro_xf_rzr Active Member

    I know some people who just stack up for the numbers but I feel for some reason around 100 is fine for me. There will be a point where I just stop buying and go back to the old games I never played.
  2. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    omg that's a lot, you must have lotsa money to spend on them, i envy you so much.

    i only own 22 games
  3. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Well hoping to see more classic games. Bought FF8 and FF9 for the nostalgia. Even metal slug collection for playing with my bro in the arcade back then.
  4. yuanglai

    yuanglai Member

    dota2 only :D
  5. H4rdg3ar

    H4rdg3ar Member

    I got 181 games on steam and about 130 installed. As you said I just got to the point when I am going to complete the old games.
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  6. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    actually I'm a completionist and try to complete them on my first run, but sometimes get bored of them and move to the next one, and on, until i have no games left and then go back to the first game again playing until bored again and it keeps going until i have them all completed.
  7. Blu3Bro_xf_rzr

    Blu3Bro_xf_rzr Active Member

    @kurohyo I used to do the same thing. A lot of games I'm really interested in, I'll still try to complete everything, check every corner and every pixel. But as of lately, I just buy something that looks interesting and get bored, leaving the result of me forgetting it's there.
  8. PotterHead

    PotterHead Member

    installed the one and only, DOTA2! :wink_:
  9. GreenChris90

    GreenChris90 Active Member

    I have around 200, it's so easy to get a lot! Humble bundle is the best!
  10. ^ Lmao to all the people with like 200 games. I'm at a solid 33 and slowly rising...
  11. RealBobFish

    RealBobFish Active Member

    96 built up over 4.5 years. Quite a few are from humble. I try to get my value from each one that was bought separately but I have a few which I really need to play more...
  12. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    I won only one :blush:
    I only bought the Core recently and things will change I hope
  13. Surragard

    Surragard Member

    Better question would be how many do you actually play? I buy a lot on the cheap during sales and such but I never actually play them. I only have about 10 games installed.
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  14. JohnSweet

    JohnSweet New Member

    I've got like 146 or something like that. Most of them are unplayable indie crap from sales, but there are some pearls in the piles of unknown devs.
    For excample I bought Herocraft bundle for FootLol, wich is crap, but got hooked up with Tempest. You never know.
  15. Flaif

    Flaif Member

    :eek: Your hard drive must be like 8 tb XD I have...67, most of them installed (On my main computer)

    AUTRIII Member

    I own about 20 steam games. :D Mostly FPS.
  17. SiNN94

    SiNN94 Active Member

    Dota2 is the only game in my steam now lol. gonna get more when I graduate and start working.
  18. Bas.Jack

    Bas.Jack Member

    149, but every sale it grows by 4-5.
  19. NotKaseyDunn

    NotKaseyDunn New Member

    I only have 13 games, and 12 installed XD, just got CSGO and Ark yesterday :ok_hand:
  20. 2BOSS4YOU

    2BOSS4YOU Active Member

    I have 364 games in steam and only 4 installed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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