[Insider Contest] How's your Photography?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by technokat, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Theoooh

    Theoooh New Member

    I was out on a fishing trip with my mum and dad and its so boring...

    So BORING...

    So I took this photo and put it on my instagram because why the hell not? Also, i could put my laptop in that razer bag and sneak it in when we go fishing :wink_:


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  2. th3r4pt0r

    th3r4pt0r Member

    I was on a picnic with my family when the sun joined in for a game of peek-a-boo!
    Same picnic, got bit by the shutterbug. (The only edits I have done for this pic are colour saturation and minor contrast changes, hope it doesn't disqualify this entry)
    In case the previous image is not valid, here's another one. An on-the-fly decision led us to this beautiful spot and this breathtaking sunset. It's amazing how a few seconds can completely change the scenery with the sun bringing out a myriad of colours to announce its departure.
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  3. Tichondria80

    Tichondria80 New Member

  4. traxed

    traxed Well-Known Member

    you have an awesome moonmoon
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  5. Challenger_Gaming

    Challenger_Gaming New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] Just some casual pictures... Took them because I thought they looked cool and I was also bored ☺
  6. Challenger_Gaming

    Challenger_Gaming New Member

    Oops the pics double posted :/
  7. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Some fall colors with a really red Maple tree, and a glove I found in the woods that nature is taking over.

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  8. FluxInfinity

    FluxInfinity New Member


    This image was taken after a visit to see my father in Oklahoma. We climbed a curvy road through the foggy hills straight into Louisiana. This woman is an incredible photographer, and I most likely would not be taking any photos if it weren't for her.


    I took this photo at a special music festival in the hills of Colorado, called Sonic Bloom. There is no editing on this image, it is captured through long exposure of a man going nuts on an LED light whip to some very loud bass music. My partner has taught me this technique, and though she understands the process much more than I, it is a lot of fun.
  9. Nonnahstree

    Nonnahstree New Member

    IMG_20170730_130359_328.jpg As I live life through the lens of my camera I've been drawn to untilize the darkness as a canvas and light as my paint, I decided to share images people showed intresed in once explained the process and always am excited to tell that I use no editing. Hope you enjoy my long exposures.
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  10. Nonnahstree

    Nonnahstree New Member

    Screenshot_20181114-005338.jpg Spinning steel wool in the snow, two police officers joined us, originally to say that the park was closed but then proceeded to just hang out the watch the sparks fly, amazing the things you can get away with when its for the sake of creativity.
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  11. Zhyroth

    Zhyroth New Member

    These pictures been taken quite some years ago but they still have the same charm as when they where taken.
    It's taken not far from a farm at my old house where i grew up.

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  12. EarLChieL

    EarLChieL Active Member

    These two came from Japan !
    first pic is Mount Fuji taken from Lake Yamanaka

    the second pic is just flowers from nabana no sato , Nagoya


    *Idk why i cannot directly upload the file , i need to screenshot it then paste the pic. so sorry for low quality ! thx !
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  13. RobotDoctor

    RobotDoctor New Member

    Here is a capture I got of the Huntington Beach pier.

    Huntington Beach pier  closeup.jpg
  14. Himself

    Himself Member

    This is a photo I posted on my instagram. The only edit I made was turning it black and white, I hope thats alright. This photo was taken in Phillip Islands Australia during my first ever Church camp. It was early in the morning and there was a heavy mist that fell unto the land. It was impossible to see anything beyond 100 yards in front of me and I was reminded of the film inspired by Stephen King. Something called me in deeper towards the white shroud and so I edged forward in the icy cold not knowing what I would find. As I walked, I eventually wound up along a platform of a dock and all around me there was nothing but the mist for company. I got right up to the edge of the platform and it seemed as though I had been lifted out of reality and placed in a surreal version of the Styx from Greek mythos - as you can see in the image, all I could see in front of me was a white sheet that reached outward endlessly. I stood there half expecting to see Charon trudingly row his boat towards me for collection. I even had a coin ready. Phillip Island.PNG
  15. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    Perhaps images uploaded in Insider get recompressed and reencoded.
  16. fixxey

    fixxey Active Member

    Was about to take a picture of my cat, but he ran away.

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  17. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    I see some nice photos, good skills are really noticing.
  18. Liontaros

    Liontaros Well-Known Member

    nice photos!
  19. topher82

    topher82 New Member

    Just a fish my 3 year old caught and they look great on the Samsung note 8 camera, straight outta the finger lakes in central NY [​IMG]
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  20. topher82

    topher82 New Member

    Just another day at the office, looks even better now that there is snow![​IMG]
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