(IS IT WORTH IT?)Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma

Discussion in 'Audio' started by flashfree, Nov 7, 2015.


Should I get the Kraken Chroma?

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  1. flashfree

    flashfree New Member

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  2. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    1. Bass can be adjusted.

    2. It can be adjusted, you can bring up the Bass Boost so high that it sounds during 90% of any song, if you like it like that.

    3. As long as you don't roll over the cable, it should last a lot. It has to be the most sturdy looking headset I have ever owned so far. 10 times more resistant than any Tritton or Turtle Beach I have had, and way more sturdy than the Razer Carcharias.

    4. Hasn't happened anything like that. Again, has to be the sturdiest headset I have ever owned. Bought it in April and still like the first day.

    5. What do you mean by that? If you mean Equalizer and Normalization, you have both in the Razer Synapse software.

    6. Once again, EQ and bass calibration trough Synapse.

    So yeah, I'd say go ahead! The virtual 7.1 is awesome and helps (though the frontal side speakers tend to go a little up, into your forehead, from time to time).

    Chroma lighting is neat, and you can use the Razer Visualizer with it to generate color series while listening to either music or games.

    Cable is tangling-free, but since it is braided, it may not answer well to you rolling with your chain over it, and having it touching clothes may produce background noise.

    It is a bit low in the middle frequencies, but you can boost those up through the EQ. High and mid-low and low are nicely generated.

    Oh, and don't fold it. I personally just never liked any headsets that can be folded, so just keep them open 24/7, for peace of mind. I am nitpicky like that.
  3. GSSGaming

    GSSGaming Well-Known Member

    In short, yes it is.

    Amazing bass
    Really good surround sound, better then my G430's surround sound which would play only in 1 ear when it was doing surround.
    You can change the colors of the headset which is nice.

    The green razer logo is a clash and makes the chroma feature a bit less amazing. Blue on and black and green is not a good combo IMO and it would be 10 times better if they made it white.
    My headset has static in the background.

    If you want my full opinion on this plz check out the review I did awhile ago.

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    Let's hope Razer Admins don't take down my message but theres better headphones for the price... if I name the brands my comment will be down killed etc. Also do you guys and gals care about true audio?
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  5. flashfree

    flashfree New Member

    OK so MOST of the problems can be fixed via eq
  6. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    Ok, I like to start off saying that these are refurbished, meaning they been broken and then fixed :D
    The kraken chroma 7.1 sounds pretty good and the mic is pretty clear but I feel like the overall headset is somewhat heavy. Also I was informed that these headphones are pretty uncomfortable for those wearing glasses.
  7. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    I have glasses myself, and while it is a bit tight fit for the first hours, it then accommodates your head and your glasses.

    Since it has memory foam inside the leatherette earcups, it "gets used" to your shape, including the classes.

    You can even see the concave incision the cups have permanently now because of my glasses' legs.
  8. kraken 7.1 works brilliantly, its light and comfortable
  9. JKevin187

    JKevin187 Member

    Alright so I got my razer kraken 7.1 pro and how's it so far:
    • Amazing bass
    • Clear sound
    • Excellent mic
    • Really easy to configure and you can pretty change things to you liking (Equalizer, sound balance, bass control, mic sensitive and pretty much everything) with razer synapse
    • Pretty sturdy( mine fall a lot of time from my desk and so far, no scratch or problem
    • CUSTOMIZE COLOR!!!!!!!
    However :
    • It is REALLY not comfortable if you wear glass
    • The cushion is a little too tight, so it might hurt your ears after long period of use ( more that 2 hours, it starts to hurt)
    • The cable got tangled pretty quickly
    • You can't change the color of the mic when you mute it:slightly_sad:(red by default)
    In overall, I would say the quality of the product is worth the price, HOWEVER, it is uncomfortable at first, after awhile, you get accustomed by it, but still hurts a little
    Take note that mine was bought last year, so they could have change some little details.
  10. AkumaKinG

    AkumaKinG Member

    I agree, these headphones do somewhat hurt after a good amount of use
  11. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Exactly what he said. There are two models with are simply identical, except that the first one (which was sold during the first weeks) has the mic light up in white when active.

    The one you will find lights up red when it is muted. It sucks it can't be changed, though.

    I haven't feel hurt by it after playing a long time, I just get a feeling of heat because, after all, it's leather.
  12. DZhang

    DZhang Member

    7.1 is amazing and also the price for chroma sets
  13. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Those two are so wrong.
  14. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    @Razer|Technokat Is that thing about naming other brands here true?
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  15. 4206921

    4206921 New Member

    Most of this is adjustable through Synapse, like the Base.
    Also, I think you should get it, plus, the right ear thing was fixed a while ago
  16. flashfree

    flashfree New Member

    I'm my getting them the end of the month.
  17. AkumaKinG

    AkumaKinG Member

    Have you considered buying them on Black Friday?
    They might be cheaper.
  18. flashfree

    flashfree New Member

    I live over at NZ and we don't have black friday here
  19. AkumaKinG

    AkumaKinG Member

    Ah, nevermind then
  20. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I can say for certain one way or the other, since I'm the furthest thing from staff around here. However, I can say that there are plenty of comparisons and mentions of other brands all over Insider that have not been removed. In my experience so far, it's all about the main intent of the post and whether or not you're using the other brands to slander Razer, just giving a list of options, explaining why you think Razer does better than one or another brand, etc. The "tone" set appears to be very valuable when mentioning another brand for any reason.

    But, like I said. don't take that as canon, just what I've observed over the past 13 months.
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