Is there a upcoming Deathadder 2018 or not?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Executor.X, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. Executor.X

    Executor.X New Member

    There is DeathAdder Chroma & DeathAdder Elite in the latest DeathAdder family.

    Will it be a whole new upgrade, an updated version of DeathAdder coming soon? A v2 version maybe? That support Razer Synapse 3.

    Or the DeathAdder Elite is the last member of DeathAdder family?
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  2. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    Deathadder Ultra has a nice ring to it
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  3. michalj82

    michalj82 Member

    Probably they will make new DeathAdder when newer sensors will be made. But Razer should improve quallity of their products first.
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  4. MattDoes_Stuff

    MattDoes_Stuff New Member

    I think that the DeathAdder is amazing as it is.
    It's ergonomic style to fit all grips
    two macros for quick gaming
    and its amazing sensors
    and you can't forget the Chroma configuration
    I don't know how they would change it. Maybe it will get some new looks.
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