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Meet the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Razer hardware

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Nov 5, 2015.

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  1. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    This looks very cool. I wish that all headphones series including the beats should design the black ops III version
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  2. ToxiC_PaiNt

    ToxiC_PaiNt Active Member

    That's all I want too.
  3. Sc0rpiom

    Sc0rpiom Member

    This looks very cool :D
  4. schuan

    schuan New Member

    My Chroma(Standar Edition) just downlaod de Black Ops 3 Preset.
    But when you turn on the BO3 Light Effects on Chroma Apps, in the game the whole keyboard is Black. No Colors at anymoment.
    What can it be?
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  5. crisgarcia6OT

    crisgarcia6OT Member

    Beats by dre and beyerdynamic custom one should design the black ops III as well.
  6. 55134

    55134 New Member

    pretty cool that keyboard!!!!
  7. 55134

    55134 New Member

    im in love with the (coco)razer!!!!!!
  8. mangavideo

    mangavideo New Member

    Awesome set! Me wants! :)

    XAEROCOOL Member

    Looks nice, but I dont play the game.
  10. Ex-Fusion

    Ex-Fusion New Member

    nice stuff !! if only the game wasnt so expensive and full of bugs :/
  11. anahds

    anahds New Member

    now, this combo matches with my steam library! *-*
  12. mrman1093

    mrman1093 New Member

    Amazing looking, but if you get one of the items you have to get the rest of the matching set
  13. Rammy11

    Rammy11 Member

    i dont play BO3 but the design is sick either way. i would buy it but i have my eye on the blackwidow classic and deathadder classic.
  14. Ryan9515

    Ryan9515 New Member

    OMG this looks so nice but I just bought my deathstalker TT
  15. Mouse design looks great!
  16. Looks amazing well designed
  17. Hozimina

    Hozimina Member

    Fade to black.
  18. N11860

    N11860 New Member

    Don't like BO3...
  19. nintenshi

    nintenshi Member

    I would say normal razer gear looks better but its a personal preference i guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  20. DZhang

    DZhang Member

    Hope they appear in Nov.23rd deals
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