Most Epic Game Ending

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by kajira, Nov 30, 2014.

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  1. 2Yung

    2Yung New Member

    Yeah, I'm down with the MGS endings. It really wraps up my journey through the game gets me really invested in my work. Then again, I love the MGS games and I love the cinematic cutscenes and endings. I don't mind watching a 15 minute cutscene...better than not explaining anything at all *cough* Destiny *cough*
  2. VinXern

    VinXern New Member

    Mass Effect 3, it is so epic that it made me almost smash the screen
  3. mowz9999

    mowz9999 New Member

    I got to say MGS ending especially number 3. Great games! Bioshock infinite was pretty good to tho.
  4. sam___johnson

    sam___johnson New Member

    i would like to say portal 2 or the big one mass effect 2
  5. coolreviewPlum050

    coolreviewPlum050 New Member

    Borderlands 2 and... Pokemon :D
  6. mouse18

    mouse18 Member

    Top ending would have to be Halo 4, that ending scene made me cry.
  7. Rustle

    Rustle New Member

    It has to be Halo 3 for me. Driving that warthog through the explosions and rubble was so intense!
  8. Master7JOB7

    Master7JOB7 New Member

    Halo 3 all the way. I played that campaign at least 50 times with and without friends. I just remember the ending was an epic race against time.
  9. Clamden1

    Clamden1 New Member

    Halo 3 ending
  10. Tekon

    Tekon New Member

    Portal 2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood had some pretty neat endings, definitely my favourite!
  11. Flame7340_no_id

    Flame7340_no_id New Member

    Pokemon Omega Ruby. I know this is probably hard to believe but I just loved riding RAYQUAZA into space to destroy the meteoroid. Really incredible to me.
  12. Avarea

    Avarea New Member

    maybe Bioshock Infinite and Call of Duty Ghosts.
  13. Ginoske

    Ginoske New Member

    MGS 3 and 4 and I think Spec Ops: The Line had a great ending.
  14. GPittard

    GPittard New Member

    Personally my favourite was Modern Warfare 2. That final mission racing down the river and ending up on Rust was awesome!
  15. Violetbookthink279

    Violetbookthink279 New Member

    What about final fantasy 7? Not epic enough.
  16. RoyalTartToter

    RoyalTartToter New Member

    Yes! Portal 2!!!
  17. MordecaiTheFox

    MordecaiTheFox New Member

    I'm gonna be the weird one to say, Portal 2. I just love how the end had you thinking you were dead...but in the end you really did win and were set free to live your life. God do I wish they find a way to continue it if they make a Portal 3.
  18. Haych

    Haych New Member

    Definitely Diablo 1, nothing compares to that game, however D3 really ruined it.
  19. ForeverXero

    ForeverXero New Member

    I very much enjoyed the Assassins Creed: Ezio Chronicles ending. I played through AC3, but couldn't get behind the boring plot of the civil war! A few others that ended great for me were GOW3 & DMC... Enjoy!
  20. There's a been a few but the first one that comes to mind is Spec Ops: The Line. That was such an under rated game and a lot heavier than I thought it would be. Awesome sound track too.
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