Question about Fortnite Crew and Battlepasses

Discussion in 'Fortnite Talk' started by ageilmelo, May 19, 2022.

  1. ageilmelo

    ageilmelo New Member

    I don't think anybody knows for sure, but what will happen in this situation?

    1.- You pay for the suscription say on March 10th. Here you'll get the Season 5 battlepass (or the 950vbuck refund if you already own it).

    2.- The season 5 ends and the season 6 starts around March 15th.

    Will you get then the season 6 battlepass (similarly to what happens with the crew pack for skins and such)? Or will it wait for your suscription to renew to obtain it (as it happens with the 1000 v-bucks)?

    I'm asking because I will be considering suscribing for march if the deal includes 2 battlepasses.
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  2. Fazeoff_babbu

    Fazeoff_babbu New Member

    For crew pack, yes but for battlepass it is that one season only.
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  3. ageilmelo

    ageilmelo New Member

    issue got solved!
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  4. Cam_Al

    Cam_Al New Member

    I'm pretty sure you will get it straight away when the second season comes around
  5. NeptuneYT

    NeptuneYT New Member

    if buying battle pass no but if you bought crew pack yes
  6. I want to know does this method work.
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