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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. futuresleekIvory485

    futuresleekIvory485 New Member

    How about people that get exactly 9000 stock before and after fix? Do you consider that an issue since people are reporting 9200-9500 stock?

    Can you please state what is the expected range of 3D Mark Score from Razer's perspective? I would like to know because according to your post, Razer doesn't agree that people should be getting anything less than 9000 but you don't state what is the expectation. Obviously I'm not expecting an exact number but I would like to see some range that is within 100 difference.
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  2. wesley27

    wesley27 Active Member

    Granted that we weren't given the best explanation, it's good to see that Razer has been paying attention and has offered a fix. It's good to see that they were in fact working on it as we hoped, while we complained about their customer service. Technokat's explanation makes sense. I too would like to see more consistency after the applied fix though, and what Razer's expectation should be for each model.

    Also, I still think it would've been much better for everyone if they had actually released some kind of statement letting us know that they were aware and working on a fix, rather than letting us sit here trying to work everything out for ourselves.
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  3. I'm still getting 8700-8800.
    What i've missed..?

  4. So I returned my Razer Blade 1060 because I had this issue. When I applied the throttlestop BD PROCHOT disable fix my FPS went up considerably. However, even with an overclock 150/200 at max got 9800 FS score (honestly, pretty happy with that). I got 9020 without the PROCHOT fix (So saying anyone above 9000 shouldn't apply the fix is wrong).

    Also it is easy to see if you have the issue. Just pull up Task manager, and go to the performance tab. Watch the CPU MHZ speed drop down to under 1gz and rarely go up to the roughly 3.1ghz that it should be turboing to.

    On my new laptop with the same CPU it is completely locked at 3.14ghz the entire time I'm gaming on a multi-thread capable game.

    The other issue I had was when BD PROCHOT was disabled my computer would disconnect from the power adapter and switch back to the battery during intense sessions in one of my games. I don't have to explain the issues that brings up.

    Now I got the GS73VR MSI which has the same specs except a bigger monitor that it 120hz. Stock I get over 9800 in FS, however with a small overclock I get 10100+ in FS.

    I'm confused why the Razer with the same specs cannot achieve similar FS scores?

    I actually have until the end of January to return this laptop due to Microsoft store holiday return policy. I have been watching this thread closely because while this laptop has a lot of positives, the Razer Blade build quality is MUCH better and if the issues are solved, I would seriously consider going back.

    is anyone with this fix getting close to that 10k FS score?
  5. mwdavis77

    mwdavis77 New Member

    Here are my stats before and after the Razer EC fix. In all cases I am running

    Before EC fix (stock): ~8900
    Post EC fix (stock): 9450
    Post EC fix (+180/+400): 9766

    No BD PROCHOT running in any of these test. Pretty happy with the performance now and the laptop seems to finally work great.
  6. 9766 isn't too bad, that's a pretty hefty overclock though, have you tested that OC to see if it can be sustained?

    Also, can anyone test a CPU/GPU stress test to see if the laptop can stay powered via the adapter during it?

    My big issue was that while playing Prepar3d (A flight simulator) and having the BDPROCHOT disabled in TS, my Blade continually disconnected from the adapter and went back to battery power. It was being pushed closer to 100% CPU but only roughly 40% GPU.

    That (Along with the CPU throttling issue was why I returned mine).
  7. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    Quick question about the serial number. So if it were produced after that, means anything that ends with 3400 or more for the last 4 digits, right?
  8. JLP209

    JLP209 Active Member

    F1 2016 works perfectly now for me, post patch. Solid 60 fps lock and no stutter at all! I still get about 9250 in FireStrike at stock settings, my MSI that I tried got 9800 stock, so there's still the issue of stock Blade scoring much lower. But so far I'm getting zero lag when before I was getting tons of it.
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  9. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    Well I was right :cool_: ... they were busy working on a fix! :smile_:
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  10. I have the FHD model with 512GB SSD. Question, a couple of pages back it was recommended to install the Samsung NVME driver. Is that a solid recommendation? Does it support the Blade SSD and, if so, what benefit does it provide over the stock driver? I do notice that, for example, when I click the Start button or other system buttons there's a brief pause or lag then it executes
  11. mwdavis77

    mwdavis77 New Member

    I played BF1 for 30 minutes without a problem.

  12. I am getting the same scores pre and post EC patch of ~9300 but the stutter is completely gone. I'd recommend the patch for everyone even if you were getting 9000+ scores with out the patch.

    Edit: For those curious you can check in your BIOS after the patch to confirm it went in properly. It's on the first screen 2nd option down I believe for "EC".
  13. am i running the right benchmark? Even with the fix, im hitting sub 9000(8300 to be exact)
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2016
  14. Finerminer

    Finerminer Member

    Anyone know the average physics score in this thread? This one seems super low. I can't remember what people were reporting 40 pages ago.
  15. just reran the test

    still pretty low i reckon
  16. Finerminer

    Finerminer Member

    Your results are all over. Your physics was good on this one, but your second graphics score was super low. Seems like your Temps are high if I had to guess?
  17. you're probably right on that assessment but I did not check. It's not like I've OC'd or anything though. Everything stock.

    This time with throttlestop on. The first test, I had a second monitor(though I had it turned off), for the second and last test, I removed the hdmi

    edit1: temps hit 78 c


    EDIT 2 :

    Seems I'm consistently getting better results with the ThrottleStop in play, even after the ec fix which I'm assuming worked?(says version 2.0 in bios).

    Disheartening to say the least

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  18. personalife

    personalife Member

    The blade SSDs are samsung-branded, so it's fine. I installed it because the stock MS drivers were periodically crashing for me. Performance-wise, I felt I got the top-end with it. Can't say if it'll fix your lag problem. Overall, it's not necessary unless you feel your benchmark scores are off with it or you are having OS problems.
  19. After updating my Nvidia drivers from 375.7 to .95 (and after the EC fix), I'm now getting around 9350 on Fire Strike without OC or TS. Stuttering inside the test is gone now, for sure.

    Take this with a BIG grain of salt, but after the EC patch it's like my Blade now makes less fan noise and has a longer battery life. Might just be my imagination maybe, I dunno...

    As another user said a few posts back, people with good Fire Strike scores should still install the patch, in my opinion. The problem wasn't only with the benchmark, but with stuttering while running some intensive games. This seems to fix both.
  20. SireOblivion

    SireOblivion Active Member

    Thank you so much for addressing the issue in such detail and supplying us a fix, as of this fix my computer doesn't need to run Throttlestop to get the performance it got when I was running it prior. However, I still don't get a Firestrike score over 9000 with the fans going full bore. While the score doesn't matter much to me as I'm only about 50 points under and it's not going to make much of a difference, just want to point it out.

    I applaud Razer for listening to us, seeing the problem, identifying and addressing it properly and being very transparent with us. Absolutely top marks and I'm loving my 1060 Blade more and more everyday, I won't be purchasing another laptop/computer until you guys release a new Blade down the line. Keep it up!
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