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Razer Blade (2016) Second Monitor Flickering Issue

Discussion in 'Systems' started by affinityfm, May 23, 2016.

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  1. affinityfm

    affinityfm New Member

    Hi all,

    My Blade came in the mail last week and have been loving it. Unfortunately, I've run into an issue if I plug in an HDMI cable from the Blade to my desktop monitor, my desktop monitor will (from what it appears) repeatedly lose the video signal for about a second and then return back to the desktop as if nothing had happened. The flickering isn't consistent either. Typically the first few minutes are smooth, but eventually the second monitor will begin flickering on and off at 5-10 second-ish intervals.

    I am using Intel Integrated Graphics Control Panel to control the dual monitor support since Nvidia doesn't control dual monitors for mobile GPUs. I've also tried using the Windows shortcut (Fn+F4) to control screen sharing and I still get screen flickering.

    Does anyone know the best way to fix this issue? I've also tried two different HDMI cables (and two different ports on my monitor :)

    Thanks for any help!
  2. zhaixiaochen

    zhaixiaochen New Member

    I had the same issue with my laptop, my idea may help u. I suppose that may caused by resolution, blade QHD+ may be different from ur monitor, try to find out what resolution ur monitor is and set the same on ur laptop, then connect the HDMI cable, I hope it will be work.
    Thank you.
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  3. affinityfm

    affinityfm New Member


    Thanks for your suggestion. Everything went smoothly for a couple minutes before it started flickering on and off again. So unfortunately, this did not fix the issue :/
  4. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    Try two different monitors and two different operating systems.
  5. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

  6. I have the same issue and am going to be talking with Microsoft about an exchange. Support suggested I confirm the cables I used meets the specs for the Blade's port (HDMI 1.4b), but that didn't solve the problem in my case.

    Running in safe mode or uninstalling the Intel drivers fixes the problem as far as allowing the external monitor to mirror. Obviously not a long term solution, though.

    It's a bummer because the laptop is awesome in every other respect.
  7. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    I can confirm I had the same issue. I connected my external monitor via HDMI. I noticed some flickering at first. I also noticed visible reduction in FPS on the second monitor. I tried extending the desktop, duplicating and setting both to 1920 x 1080.

    I used to hook my old laptop up to my TV and monitor all the time with no problems. Not sure why it's an issue. I was planning on forgoing my monitor until I can save up enough for a core.
  8. liyanagech

    liyanagech New Member

  9. affinityfm

    affinityfm New Member

    OK so it appears my BenQ monitor was at 59 Hz while my laptop was at 60Hz. I'll get back to you if this has actually fixed the issue. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Welp...5 minutes in, things were looking good. Then the flashing on/off started up again :slightly_sad:
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  10. Her0Zer0

    Her0Zer0 Member

    I've had precisely this issue before, with a desktop GTX 970 SC 2.0. Assuming you've got your refresh rate setup correctly, it's most likely due to your cable and/or display settings. HDMI 1.4b can carry up to 4k x 2k resolution, it can only do this at 30 Hz max. Moreover, you're unlikely to even get that with any cable over 3ft in length.

    To get the full bandwidth, you're better off getting a TB3 to DisplayPort adapter and then picking up a high quality DisplayPort cable (I'm unaware of any HDMI cables of the quality needed). The options are either an ultra high quality triple shielded copper cable OR a very expensive fiber optic equivalent (ie. hundreds of dollars). The obvious choice is the former and I only know of one company that makes one that works: http://www.dvigear.com/cables-dp-hr.html

    The longer the cable, the pricier it's going to be. In my case, I needed it for a desktop and wanted to put my Cinema 4K LG monitor some way off, so I opted for the 16.4 ft cable listed at the linked provided. It was pricey - $140+ with shipping but it works phenomenally and is able to stream 4k@60hz with no signal dropping or interference north of 30 fps. It's a really annoying extra hidden cost but don't be fooled by any of the cheapo brands listing "premium" HDMI or DP cables - I went through a number of NewEgg's offerings and all started dropping frames, even at 6 ft lengths. I did find a $100 monster dp cable but could only handle 2K. Go with DVIGear and enjoy your glitch free gaming
    Last edited: May 24, 2016
  11. affinityfm

    affinityfm New Member

    So if my laptop will just be sitting next to my desktop monitor 99 percent of the time, will this type of cable be acceptable?


    Looks like my connection runs flawlessly when I hook my laptop to my TV though..strange
  12. Her0Zer0

    Her0Zer0 Member

    I want to say yes but I suspect it won't be. I had Monoprice Mini-DP to DP wire with the same specs that was like 4 feet and that was glitching with my Surface Pro 3 at 2k res using only Intel GPU. I would go for the DVI Gear 3 ft cable + a small USB-C to DP adapter. I have this right now along with 16.4 ft DVI-gear cable and will test shortly to see if it works:

    EDIT: The wire quality and gauge are very important but I suspect the shielding is a big difference. My DP cable from DVI-gear is thicker than my thumb compared to these which are not much wider than a regular USB cable. It's 24 AWG with gold connectors but triple shielding - it's also got 5 channels, each of which alone can carry as much data as the one you posted. I'm sure this thing wont work - don't waste your money

    EDIT 2: Here you go, check out the table in the wiki - you're going to need something that can carry up to 12 Gbit/s if going at max resolution matching the laptop. The DVI gear cable does upt to 21.6 Gbps: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort
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  13. Changing around the refresh rate also failed for me. Is it possible that a cable that works for another system does not have the necessary shielding for the Blade?
  14. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Possibly a driver issue guys.
  15. affinityfm

    affinityfm New Member

    Which driver? Intel?
  16. try change the monitor cuz that might be the charge
  17. kamueone

    kamueone New Member

    i dont have my Blade yet, but i think its an issue with windows 10. i had similar issues. Went back to Win 8.1. No problems at all.

    Hope this helps.
  18. zhaixiaochen

    zhaixiaochen New Member

    Hi, I'm back again. I just had my Razer blade yesterday and I tested many times on my TV.
    I found something really interesting, I had not this issue, but when I touched the power line, it flickered . So I wonder if the HDMI connection affected by the power. I had a 1m hdmi line and a 3m hdmi line, when I used the 1m one and laptop charging, it had no problem, however when I changed to the 3m one, it flickered. My ps4 had the similar problem I bought a hdmi adapter with power to connect with long hdmi line, u could use a better hdmi line too, but it may cost much.
    I suppose it caused by new hdmi port protection, my ps3 has not this problem at all but it damaged once i just disconnected when it was power on. You could follow advice from the Razer support .
    Thank u very much.
  19. coreyonfire

    coreyonfire Member

    I'm experiencing this issue as well. Whenever I plug an external monitor into my Blade 2016 over HDMI, the second monitor flickers in and out of being connected. I checked refresh rate, drivers, etc; nothing seems to make it stay connected. I DID find that if you restart your machine while the external monitor is connected, it seems to work a bit better...for a while, until it starts flickering again. I've reached out to razer support in the meantime.
  20. affinityfm

    affinityfm New Member

    Have you heard back yet? I'm about to head to Best Buy to go purchase a HDMI cable capable of 4k bandwidth, I'm thinking that may be the issue. Keep me posted
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