Razer @ BlizzCon X

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by technokat, Nov 4, 2016.

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  1. EbayHitman

    EbayHitman New Member

    i wouldnt care if it was the worst computer in the world i just want a new one

    if i get this i honestly would cry in joy for hours i know i wont win it but i entered anyway cause i need a computer no matter what it was id take it from the slowest to the fastest i would take it
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  2. oskars kogajs_no_id

    oskars kogajs_no_id New Member

    I love razer gaming desktop!:wink_:
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  3. wesley27

    wesley27 Active Member

    This is so exciting! The ridiculously small chance of winning that beautiful machine is still amazing!

    But wait it said I had 6 entries as I did all of the things, and now it says I have 0 :eek: is it working?
  4. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    Noice giveaway thanks
  5. GetaLifeyouscrub

    GetaLifeyouscrub New Member

    razer you guys are epic i never got a razer product but i really want one i see them but i never have enough money :slightly_sad: i hope i get a chance :) LOVE YOUR GUYS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #RAZER
  6. LuanHuynh

    LuanHuynh Member

    I always join giveaway but I can't get it :frown_::frown_::frown_:
  7. DennyW

    DennyW Active Member

    That PC looks pretty sweet. I wonder what are the specs on it.
  8. ajparky123

    ajparky123 New Member

    don't mind anything else except for keyboard, mouse and mouse pad but the chances are like %0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 i have got the best chance of winning haven't i.

    plez let meh win jk i don't mind if i don't win so hope you have a good day

    hope you read this i hope i win a note pad m8

    plez hook me up with a chroma x keyboard plez jk hope i win

    that pc looks so cool i wish i could have that but my chances are very slim.
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  9. BerlianFox

    BerlianFox Member

    That hammer looks cool. Great giveaway.
  10. KBRMAN

    KBRMAN New Member

    Maybe one day I will get lucky.
  11. XaiDaX

    XaiDaX Member

    Awesomeeeee. Always been wanting to win some Razer hardware!
  12. DBirdDLegend

    DBirdDLegend New Member

    Does the winner get everything listed?


    wow ya buddy. gimme gimme I like the cookie!!!!!
  14. Awesome giveaway guys, awesome you're doing so many!! Hoping i'll win this time!
  15. MadsBirkeholm

    MadsBirkeholm New Member

    Good luck to everyone
  16. mrsun87

    mrsun87 Active Member

    I was at blizzcon and it was pretty cool to see their booth and equipment on the overwatch demo.
  17. ajparky123

    ajparky123 New Member

    wow this is awesome
  18. noirascii

    noirascii New Member

    Interesting giveaway prizes. Best of luck everybody.
  19. arsen.adnaev

    arsen.adnaev New Member

    WOW,just have seen that happy face of the winner girl on BlizzCon!!! Feelsgoodman. Razer - making people happy since 1998 :D
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  20. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    OMG, I want it so much! Sadly I would have to pay so much taxes if I won from Brazil -_-
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