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Razer Hammerhead BT Connection

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Darthax, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. Darthax

    Darthax New Member

    I hope that this isnt something that persists, but I just finished unboxing the razer phone and I thought I'd buy the BT Hammerheads since the phone doesnt come with headphones.

    Ive paired them and I must say, the sound quality is amazing. I do have this issue, maybe I just need to charge them, I'll check again in the morning, but every 30~ish seconds, there is a stutter or brief disruption (I'm talking milliseconds) however especially when you listen to loud music, it is very noticeable.

    Is this a known issue? Thoughts or possible solutions?
  2. MrWitts

    MrWitts New Member

    I received mine about a week ago. Using it every single day, connected to an Nexus 5X and my laptop for games. seems fine. Try connecting it to other devices and see if the stutter is still there?

    I've experienced stutters in BT headphones (NOT the Hammerhead BT) when its still trying to pair completely, but some of its features did not pair successfully and so it keeps trying.

    If u pair with something else and it goes away. Try deleting the pairing info from your phone and repair.
    If it still stutters on other devices, try and listen if its regular, or if it follows the beat of the music. Either way, in this case, its probably a defect and you'll need to warranty it?

    Let me know how this goes! Its a seriously good sounding BT earphones!
  3. Darthax

    Darthax New Member

    So after some diagnosis I found that the BT hammerheads are flawless! I had them on all day at work today (9 hours) and they are STILL alive and kicking! Probably the best headphones Ive ever had :)

    However it does look like something that needs to be updated or worked on in the new phone :\
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