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razer hoodies not avaible in malaysia? :(

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by PakQiiin, Apr 5, 2016.

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  1. PakQiiin

    PakQiiin Member

    hi guys. just wondering does another country selling razer hoodie too? malaysia razer site seems dosen't have hoodie..
  2. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    I just checked the store...apparently its not there anymore. Used to be. Not just that but lots of other stuff arent there. Did they remove them?
  3. PakQiiin

    PakQiiin Member

    maybe? i have no idea man.. nabu gone. now even those Gear also gone lol.
  4. PumpkinDoodle

    PumpkinDoodle Member

    Just buy the iron on patches and a high quality hoodie, it'll be better than the razer hoodie and last longer.
  5. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    Yeah, the only things available are the Bacpacks and Rattle Tee. Just pick the hoodie up at a local shop or lelong if you really want it.

    Even the patch isnt there man :slightly_sad:
  6. I feel you man, not all things in the Razer store for USA is available in the Philippines :slightly_sad:
  7. darren486

    darren486 Member

    i notice that the replacement ear cushion for kraken is also removed from the store in malaysia as well, they used to have that
    Rashdan Long likes this.
  8. PakQiiin

    PakQiiin Member

    well. as i search from lelong. is just clasic. not the type i wanted
  9. MarcusChai

    MarcusChai Active Member

    buy from china razer store?
  10. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    Aww. Which one are you looking for?
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