Razer PH - The bliss and waiting of a 4 month store experience.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kyotaro, Dec 12, 2015.

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  1. Good day fellow comrades!

    I've been recently an active visitor in RAZER PH store in SM NORTH ANNEX here in Manila and was just wondering other than sharing my own experience with the staff and products that they showcase there, I wanted to hear out the PROS and CONS of other people who visited, bought and tried the many products displayed and as well as the STAFF's ability to respond and interact with you guys.

    Questions like:

    Hows the staff's service and how are they treating you inside the shop?
    Are the products in the store up to par so far since the opening?
    Where your expectations met or something was missing?
    Did you experience any problems when purchasing their items?

    My experience on the store

    Firstly the staff, they were very friendly and had a blast sharing stuff with them, whether it was Razer related topics or current gaming news. They were open and was able to give suggestions and were quick to response in great details in ALL of their items on the store and would certainly continue to hang out there for days to come.

    The place is awesome and quite a unique experience of trying their gaming peripherals , a place where you can check and test out to suit your personal gaming needs. Mostly, people are playing on the razer blades and looked like they were having a blast and simply enjoyed those type of environment.

    In their recent update on the store, I was able to try out the RAZER ATROX and played Mortal Kombat X (hopefully they would add Street Fighter and Tekken soon) in their 50"-ish screen and also felt the powerful boom base of their RAZER Leviathan along with the game. It was all described in two words, pure bliss.

    Of course it can't be THAT perfect and there is the part where the store lacks something, the store is just 4 months old and is already picking up a LOT of customers but there were things FOR ME that needs improvement and answers to be met and one of those are....

    1 - The product displays were shipped faster than the actual products to be sold to the customer.

    I had this experience where I was excited for the MAMBA 2015 TE edition that was unveiled last 16 June 2015. I visited the Razer store after 1 week of their store opening (August 15 2015) here because CHAOS. I saw the mamba 2015 connected on their displayed RAZER blades and asked the staff that I would like to purchase one but sadly there was none. I replied saying to them "why is there 4 displayed mamba 2015 TE edition's shown but nothing for the customers to buy?. At least you got 5 or 6 available right?." In their response, they didn't know either and simply told they would come soon and didn't know when it will be available in the store. after 1 month and a half they texted me and got the mamba 2015 TE edition. Maybe its just me and I am no EXPERT or its really that LONG it should take for their items to be shipped. I'm not mad, I got what I want but there is one thing that really bothers me and questions the reason why the RAZER PH exist and that is......

    2 - Parts and Accesories

    Again don't get me wrong, Yes all their razer line-ups are available in their store. From keyboards to mouse, laptops to apparels and bags but there was 1 thing specific items to me that wasn't there and believe me if T-shirts and bags was able to reach our country without a doubt made me wonder why these items was not available in the store till now.

    - Headphone stand
    - Mousefeet
    - Audio/Mic splitter
    - Replacement Ear Cushions
    - THS necklace
    - and my one and only requested for my keyboard since day 1.....

    >>>> "Razer keyboard Enhancement Kit" <<<<

    (P.S. I tried ordering the item on razerzone.com. Since I have no credit card nor experience buying online, I tried by asking my friend to purchase them online but sadly couldn't because the Philippines was not available to be shipped or something....)

    3 - Item Longevity

    following on the razer keyboard enhancement, I have a blackwidow ultimate TE chroma and wanted not to buttom out the keys and break when they hit and also lessen the noise. This is THE ONE ITEM that I've been asking them since the first day I stepped on their OFFICIAL RAZER STORE PH. Guess what? it's already December 13 2015 and yesterday asked them if when will my request item will come here on the country and obviously they don't know if even razer is going to update their items in their official stores.

    Now I have a good reason and can explain and of why is it so confusing that they can't deliver a bag of rubber O rings but they were able to display prior on their 1 week release of the newly announce products such as the...

    Blackwidow ultimate 2016 edition (newly space bar led and no macro key)


    Mamba 2015 Wireless (TE came to PH first before this)


    Razer Firefly


    I want to know how they obtain their items and send them in their Official RAZER stores because it really doesn't make sense. Real loyal customers like me see the quality of a store not only on the big things but in the small details that they can provide that gives me assurance that my products would last longer and be happy on such small efforts they put on their fans. I didn't even got a LEET pack on my purchase of my MAMBA 2015 TE because they ran out. with that said... that is ALL my experience of the RAZER PH STORE.

    Please give your honest experience since I too have some questions still and hoping the matter would be notice since this is the OFFICIAL store of RAZER in the Philippines and would hope ALL their items are available whether its an accessory or parts as quickly and detailed as possible.

    Please ignore my mishaps and errors and hope the long essay was able to make sense regarding of their joyful, awesome store even though improvements and fixes that needs to be done. Razer was my first gaming peripheral (Orochi 2010) and changed my life and wanted to do so with everybody else without deceiving them since our country has plenty of fooling around already and don't want others to suffer as many years trials and errors as I did.

    Thank You and God Bless!

    Gamers Unite!
  2. ndx_leon

    ndx_leon Member

    Although i havent been to a razer store before and i am sorry for your bad experience. I am still hopping on a good 1st experience to a razer store
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  3. Its awesome... its a great place to hangout and kill time... but if they want more our money.. they should include ALL the items whether BIG or SMALL items they are selling... I would gladly to purchase there 24/7.
  4. ArjoC

    ArjoC Member

    I am also waiting for Razer keyboard Enhancement Kit at razer store ph. And if they could also add ph in razerzone site, that would be awesome. :)
  5. ...mouse feets and ear cushions in their krakens as well.
  6. ndx_leon

    ndx_leon Member

    Ya whats the point of having a store where you cannot buy what you want from the shop
  7. EXACTLY. I told that to the Razer PH staff and hopefully they would notify their superiors about the matter or at least give some info why such small items could not be sent in an easy way as fast as possible for consumers to purchase them.

    At least customers could be in an ease to the fact that these small things are being taken seriously especially for their loyal customers.
  8. ndx_leon

    ndx_leon Member

    Even if they dont have stock they should at least help the customer to order it
  9. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    I think it's because Razer is having trouble keeping up with their stock.
    They can only produce a certain amount of a product within a designated time.

    The demand is simply too high.

    I do agree with
    But orders may be cancelled within the time frame of placing the order and actually receiving the product. It may cause more confusion for both parties if advance orders were placed then cancelled.
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