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Razer Raiju Ultimate v1.02 beta firmware

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by stavrosmangaros, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. SnerZ

    SnerZ New Member

    TChat witch the online support for get it
  2. SnerZ

    SnerZ New Member

    J’avoue c’est du routage de gueule ... c’est mieux en Bluetooth mais du coup je ne peux pas brancher mon micro à la manette ...
  3. Can I have firmware update please as I believe this controller can be amazing if it worked as described
  4. Can I have link please
  6. Can I have link please
  7. Hello! I just purchased the Razer Ultimate and am encountering problem with the right joystick. It randomly drifts to the right without any input. Kindly send me the beta link as soon. Thanks!
  8. SnerZ

    SnerZ New Member

    Tchat with the online support for get it
  9. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    Please can someone send me the link for beta sw?
  10. SnerZ

    SnerZ New Member

    Tchat with the online support for get a link to download the new firmware
  11. cloud1109

    cloud1109 New Member

    what is Tchat? technical chat?
  12. Hazeyshot

    Hazeyshot New Member

    Hey, could I have the firmware update 1.02 beta link. razer raiju tournament controller thank you
  13. Evs85

    Evs85 New Member

    I installed v1.01 today and have been testing it this evening on blackout and bf v. My feedback so far is there is horrendous lag over BT, worse than previous/standard firmware. However, it seems to be working perfectly in wired mode (no lag, drift and hair triggers working) which I’m fine with me and is my preferred connection, I do want the option of BT though so I hope that improves on v1.02.

    I’ve been sent v1.02 this evening so will install that at some point this week and provide further feedback. I was sent this after contacting support via email.
  14. Hazeyshot

    Hazeyshot New Member

    Somewhat got my controller round October time or the month before when RD2 came out, it already had the v1.01 patch and i didnt notice any drift or swaying.

    1. The lag ONLY occur to me when its plugged into usb when im playing a fps games.

    2. When F76 came out.. no problem.

    3. When bf v came out the drift problem started there.(right analog stick) and the drifting was bad, f76 not as bad as bf v at that time.

    4.beta patch has improved slightly on the drift as tested on bf v - driving a tank/flying is still tad annoying. F76 barely much drifting.

    5. Thank you for beta patch!, will post on another games to test.
  15. KingsizeOcb

    KingsizeOcb New Member

    Firmware 1.02 is not working at all. I ended up after 3 weeks sending my ultimate back to amazon. I will get a new one for free. Razer support told me also that this stick drift is not fixable guys! dont wait for another software just send it back and try a new one. If the problem is still alive i will get my money back and try the astro controler (release early 2019)
  16. Can I have the link too? thanks!
  17. Please can someone send me the link for beta sw?
  18. sezinlynn

    sezinlynn New Member

    Can I have the link as well?
  19. Hei.. I need that update too. Tx
  20. NeonID

    NeonID New Member

    So this firmware update will fix the bluetooth? Pls send me the link aswell
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