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Razer sale 50% Off !! (30% for Blade)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LightLine, Jan 10, 2015.


What will you buy on 12-13 Jan?

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  1. ReconX360

    ReconX360 Active Member

    Im so tempted to get the DeathStalker Ultimate....

  2. ReconX360

    ReconX360 Active Member

    Im so tempted to get the DeathStalker Ultimate....

  3. jordivia

    jordivia New Member

    what about the kraken 7.1? Is it worth
  4. Going for the Razer Chroma Stealth, with 50% sale best buy on the market atm.
  5. mfmseth

    mfmseth New Member

    how to i get the code
  6. Nothing I want seems to be in stock though including the blade.....><
  7. carter5

    carter5 New Member

    I want a new keypad
  8. Heero912

    Heero912 New Member

    :eek: 50% off is amazing gonna browse for KB+M combo :D
  9. bitstoryMulberry728

    bitstoryMulberry728 New Member

    I really need a new mouse! I think this is the perfect time to get one
  10. DuySimon

    DuySimon New Member

    Why my code doesn't work?
  11. If only I had the money to utilize the 30% sale on the Blade. At least I can use the 50% on a mouse or mousemat!
  12. tsuk13

    tsuk13 New Member

    Man so excited I have been wanting a Chroma Keyboard real bad.
  13. BlackHawks

    BlackHawks Member

    Chroma Keyboards look awesome, just wish I was using a desktop to be honest. Maybe that could be a future purchase. xD
  14. too bad forge tv not included as a pre-order. =D
  15. Kazon

    Kazon New Member

    chroma keyboard or leviathan!
  16. tsuk13

    tsuk13 New Member

    Actually looking around it seems like all the chroma stuff is sold out already le sigh..... Ill get you one day chroma keyboard
  17. Ganfu

    Ganfu New Member

    I was actually going to go for the Leviathan, myself, but by the time I figured out the code error, it was out of stock. I look forward to the remedial sale later this month :)
  18. tsuk13

    tsuk13 New Member

    Oh there is going to be another sale. Could you link me towards the details :)
  19. tsuk13

    tsuk13 New Member

  20. AndyShannon

    AndyShannon New Member

    sweet deal, i love their keyboards, i will have to keeep an eye out for a new backlit keyboard in blue!
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