Razer Store Manila, PH...anyone coming? (08.15)

Discussion in 'Razer Insider (Phillipines)' started by Deleted member 27426, Aug 4, 2015.

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  1. iceart

    iceart New Member

    We're just really excited. Browsing the Razer store online for sales, exclusive goodies and not finding my country upon checkout was heartbreaking. Glad the PH is finally part of the cult. See you opening day!
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  2. kimangelom

    kimangelom New Member

    OMG! Finally, ever since i heard razer is going to open a store here in the philippines, I just couldnt stop myself from the excitement that im feeling, and I've been sharing it to my friends as well. I'm
    definitely going. See you on opening day!
  3. Going there to get the Razer Leviathan. :3
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  4. Randex_no_id

    Randex_no_id New Member

    Is Jungle Cat going to be available on launch?
  5. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    A question though, would this mean that the online store would be available in the Philippines as well?
  6. hey min. Is there going to be available kraken ear cushion?
  7. Randex_no_id

    Randex_no_id New Member

    I started 2012.
  8. ToiNKieZ

    ToiNKieZ New Member

    Will be sure to camp this one out. :)
  9. I will go its pretty close to my place.... but if there's too much people I'll just come back again the next day...
  10. John Eduria_no_id

    John Eduria_no_id New Member

    I will definitely be there!

    I worked onboard a merchant vessel for a year and almost half of the money I saved up were spent on some quality Razer products! Definitely cool way to enjoy the fruit of my labor.

    Bought them from some second dealers and distributors thats why the goodies were a little more expensive.

    It will definitely be awesome to have a Razer flag store in Manila!

    I dont know what Im saying Im really overwhelmed! Im so excited to finally meet (and hopefully greet) Min-Liang Tan!

    Mall opens at around 10am but Ill be outside waiting by 4am. lol
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  11. ojtibi

    ojtibi New Member

    Taken at 4th floor, SM Cyberzone, Annex, SM City North EDSA.
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  12. NightRaze

    NightRaze New Member

    please sign my razer mamba min! :heart: hope to see you there! im just 14 yrs old. so i guess i dont have much of a chance :slightly_sad:( but i pray i do! :) God Bless you Mr. Best CEO gamer of the world!
  13. NightRaze

    NightRaze New Member

    can i go there and get a warranty without waiting for a month or so? cause i dont want my blackwidow to be away for a month </3
  14. Gelamm_no_id

    Gelamm_no_id New Member

    Can't wait!!!!!
  15. ShunOguri

    ShunOguri Member

    I'll be there too! OMG! I'm so excited! I hope you'll give away some discounts on your opening day or gifts :blush:
  16. IVORYretroPeru821

    IVORYretroPeru821 New Member

    I'm so hyped up for this. See you there guys!
  17. See you soon guys! I hope that I'll be in the first 500 visitors haha!
  18. Quick! Does anyone know a place where you could sell your kidneys? I need to get rid of mine before the 15th. :blush:
  19. TOPAZBubblesaero249

    TOPAZBubblesaero249 New Member

    will be there definitely. need a razer bag for my blackwidow t.e. and death adder. might want to buy shirts and hoodie as well. so excited!!!
  20. nicolavs10

    nicolavs10 Active Member

    Im excited for this :) Going to buy a Razer Snapback cap (gamer) and Razer Kraken Pro/Deathstalker Chroma. Still thinking what to buy in my 100 bucks.
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