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Razer Synapse 2.21 update! removed ManO'War mic-volume overlay to comply with Microsoft requirement

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by athena1975, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. athena1975

    athena1975 New Member

    Man'o war wifi 7.1
    problem: Razer Synapse 2.21 update! removed ManO'War mic-volume overlay to comply with Microsoft requirements?

    Question: Why specifically?
    this is boring, I usually put the sound of the microphone at 50% (directly by the headphone scrool left side) easy and practical ..., and looking at the overlay, I can know if the microphone is mute or activated ... now I am thanks to make alt-tab and go to the environment, and click on the synapse or sound settings to know the percentage of the micro and configure ..... omg that work ... what's the reason, actually (what does microsoft want? ) ...
    - something else in your program has always detected an .exe of the synapse of the program deleted by "ZHPCleaner" popop etc ... check the problem please ... I was obliged not to eliminate these last two years (because the 1st time deleted, overlays did not work etc (plus 15 minutes of work to reinstall and reboot pc etc ...

    now I have accepted the update by mistake ... I will have work to reinstall everything again ... I have not bought these headphones for this.
    ps: I bought in late November 2016 (175 € on black friday)
    normally it cost € 225

    I was playing bf1 in February 2017, and they went off in the head during the game (incredible, I do not even have hair, I'm bald xd ") the 2 brackets of plastic and then 2 more. (I had to paste it with adhesive tape "3 months later" ?????) !!! omg, I sent more than 5 emails to you explaining the problem ...
    in French, English, etc. your response service is weak.
    For example, each time I was asked to "reinstall synapse blablablabla" (enjoy with people?) and I showed pictures by email etc (many with this example and videos of this problem on youtube "

    before ending the warranty I went to deliver the worten pt (live in portugal)
    - they sent the headphones to use, waited 1 month for the answer
    And it was - "had to pay € 140 for repair" ahah are you enjoying? "guarantee" weak ...
    I asked for my headphones again and I did not pay anything ... they break because it is a defect / problem of plastic, your problem ... and we still have to pay more?
    and on that day there was black friday again and new ones cost € 117 (why would I pay a repair of € 140 if new ones cost € 117? and half the price uses ... enjoyment ...
    Sorry for the hype but this is not normal ... when something breaks during the warranty space must refund (it was proven that these headphones had this defect and broke it up) was not my fault .... never fell and I have support to put and protect the headphones ... later you created the 2017 version ... I myself gave suggestions by email ... I still thought I would summon my lawyer to present complaints ... I will still think about it ...
    - 1st and last time I buy "razer" products ...

    sorry for my mistakes ... and thanks for your understanding

    update picture [​IMG]

    exemple my problem [​IMG]
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  2. athena1975

    athena1975 New Member

    Kevin K software@razerzone.com via zendesk.com
    mar. 21 févr. 2017 19:06

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

    Kevin K. (Razer Software Feedback and Support)

    Feb 21, 11:06 AM PST

    Hi my email /@ / gmail.com,

    It sounds like a complete reinstall of Razer Synapse following these instructions should fix the issues you are experiencing.

    Uninstall for Windows:
    *Uninstall the Razer software from your machine by navigating to – Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
    *Restart your computer.

    Uninstall for Mac:
    *Synapse 2.0 has an uninstall utility in your applications folder.
    *Restart your computer

    Update to the newest version:
    *Disable any anti-virus that may interfere with the installation process.
    *Visit http://www.razerzone.com/software and reinstall the latest version of Razer Synapse. Run the installer and make sure to click OK/Allow buttons on the User Account Control (UAC) prompts.
    *Restart your machine and log back into your Razer account.
    *Allow Razer Synapse to fully update, restarting immediately when prompted.

    Please let us know the result of your complete reinstallation and whether or not your issue has been resolved. Any screenshots or further description of your problem will also be appreciated as it will help our engineers pinpoint and recreate your issue.

    Best Regards,

    Razer Software

    my email /@ / gmail.com

    Feb 21, 7:15 AM PST

    bonjour j'ai acheté un casque mano'war wireless en décembre a Leiria -Portugal...
    https://www.worten.pt/lojas/worten-mobile-leiria il a que 2 mois et déjà cassé...
    je jouais a bf1 ce matin , quand dans coup le casque a remonté , et j'ai remarqué que les 2 bouts de plastique on cassé.... comme dans cette exemple image
    C’est fort! Je n'ai même pas de cheveux ni tête large et il a cassé!. incroyable non? pour un produit que j'ai payé 200 euros. c'est grave que ça casse dans la tête en jouant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Ces petits bouts de plastique devrait faire 2 ou 4 fois plus large minimum, pour avoir de la résistance ( pas 4 millimètres mais un(1) centimètre ) soyez conscients... , c'est mon avis, c'est un grand défaut... je suis déçus la.

    je voudrais savoir comment faire pour la garantie?! je suis quelqu’un qui entretien mes produits, je pose le casque tout le temps sur un support ... j'ai un vieux Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME
    et 2 headphones Phillips et un autre depuis plus de 10 ans
    et ils sont comme neufs... ce casque n'as jamais pris un choque ni tombé ( je suis honnête ). ps: je ne pense pas être le seul avec ce problème! malgré que j'avais des doutes quand j'ai vu ces petits bouts, quand j'ai vu le prix 200 euros j'ai fait de suite confiance a la marque razer. mais voila ;) et ça fait chère au Portugal questions salaire et que pour 2 mois de usage^^ et la différence prix comme l'image usa vs europe
    en attendant une réponse.
    my name : my email /@ / gmail.com

    This email is a service from Razer Software Feedback and Support.


    other email :
    Thanks for your recent inquiry to the Razer Software Team. This is another friendly reminder that your Razer software ticket (#360434) is awaiting your response. If we do not hear back from you then we trust that your issues have been resolved. At this time, we will assume we have solved your case, but if you need further support or have further feedback to provide, please let us know by replying to this message.

    Thank you for supporting Razer Synapse and have a wonderful day!
    so many emails, and the answers, nothing solved the problem ... and still had to pay the repair ... do you like to enjoy by email? razer.jpg razer.jpg
  3. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    It's because of the way this feature is implemented (injecting a transparent overlay on top of the game). Microsoft has banned such implementations with the upcoming Redstone 5 patch. Windows would have started blocking the Synapse installer if we didn't get rid of the overlay.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  4. athena1975

    athena1975 New Member

    question: do you have an official link to this news please and explanations?

    * synapse: I work with computers, maybe for more than 15 years ... computer, mapping etc. I already created maps for two games of ubisoft, trackmania, translations of games .., "arma2" so many maps, arma3, mods of diverse games. several games (list is long) ... 1 bit of programming etc, as for the synapse problem, to repair or when it has conflicts I know how to do, and when I do not know I look for help in forums ...

    in fact I am very happy of the sound of the headphones, scrool left of micro sound or mute, and right for sound volume or mute ....

    * There have been many conflicts, since readstone updates 2, 3 etc, whether synapse, programs asus, some games, and as ai suite 3 (which I solved) ...

    * so much time that windows 10 notified, that the synapse driver created conflict with windows sound (always problems and uninstalled automatically, or windows defender uninstalled) that boring microsoft / razer conflicts.
    but I have always solved, such as drivers signatures, example drivers of mad catz R.A.T 7 or 5, (I solved on windows or bios, there are several solutions) ...
    the past two years is terrible these w10 conflicts (only wasting time) ...

    * also this cloud synapse system when the pc starts! and no internet connection (surround sound does not work, just stereo, weak sound) ... can not you solve this? boring.

    * or create profils file anything.nip razer synapse (more resolved)

    I imagine someone who does not understand anything about pc ... how they would solve it, XD

    now the problem, I bought the wifi version, because in my gaming setup, it's in my room, (and also repair computers) it's office room ... and it's very practical being 5 meters away wireless and listening and watching movies , youtube etc ... the system EQ "equalizer, is very practical, for gaming music etc ... who understands and perceives sound, it manages to fine tune the sound and quality ... of course there is better headphones a> 300 € 800 € etc, does not compare ... but for me these are perfect ...

    1st now if I'm sitting in bed, I do not know the volume of the micro, or if it's mute or on !!! there is no notification on the screen! I have to remove the headphones from the head and check the tip of the micro, if it is red or off ...
    Do not you think this is absurd? It's not practical ... I did not buy these headphones for this ...
    I'm in bed quiet to see a series netflix etc, and I'm forced to get up to walk 5 meters and go to the pc regulate the micro volume manually with the mouse if I'm talking to someone ... OMG ...
    in bed, talking, messenger face, discord, steam vocal chat, ts, mumble (this is no good), nothing practical ... the opposite is tiring.

    question: is it worth reinstalling? I think it still has old version ...
    or with the next redstone update, will be erased to 100% overlays ...
    Considered cheat, macro,etc! information pls? I'm thinking about overlay msi afterburner, lps fraps etc
    Will this disappear?


    now again, I bought these headphones and I have the impression of having been stolen by the warranty ...


    1st- I sent you several emails
    2º- you responded to reinstall the synapse (eheh, this is to enjoy with me)
    are you kidding me?
    if the headphones broke the 4 tips I explained everything.
    I also wrote you in English by synapse: submit feedback ...
    I keep all proofs, pdf emails, screens etc ...
    (because they respond me to reinstall synapse in tutorial blablabla) wtf ... I found abused and neglected on your part this answers ...
    I'm very educated, but I've never felt so humiliated with a purchase ...
    so many in your emails etc.
    * or when I went to worten pt store (city: Leiria), the headphones were sent by guarantee to (America / usa), I waited a month ... for nothing

    where y buy ( city : Leiria )
    I have an invoice, a receipt and I paid 175 € .99 in promotion of corse ( end 2016 )

    I have the invoices and price budgets of the guarantee ...
    I did not accept of course, to pay 140 € when black fryday was 117 €, they like to enjoy someone ...

    - physical motion of the article: broken frame at the top. signs of use, some dirt ....

    * dirt is normal and use, clean with brush and looks like new ...

    I myself gave you suggestions, for the 4 tips "frames, or plastic supports" (I do not know the name) make 1 centimeter and not 4 millimeters
    in February 2017 ... this by email ...

    several example links I sent.

    see comments answers


    search google, much more...

    You're not even a commercial gesture!
    I still wasted time giving suggestions. etc etc ... by email ...
    Then you did the 2017 version ...
    - Neither piece of exchange! I would have to pay ...
    - I claim this plastic holder, the top ... as in the image


    the rest is use, this is normal, or dust, now has almost 2 years at the end of the year ...

    this is not going to be like this ... I prefer that we understand each other friendly, but between you and the "worten leiria" someone owes me something (I did not buy headphones to leave 3 months later) and during the warranty and emails ... nobody solved .. .
    it is obvious that they are now using more ...it is logical...
    or give me exchange parts or refund ...
    if not, I'm not afraid to do a review youtube etc, showing the defects and showing emails, invoices and answers ...
    why buy this at 175 €, part to the top 2 to 3 months later
    and nobody reimburses ... this is not admitted, I do not accept this humiliation ...
    I worked and I sweated hard to buy this ... rma and guarantee ...

    solutions during the warranty put on tape. for all other players?

    your guarantee / rma, is to send two elastics (was it the commercial gesture?) ... lol
    I have not dealt with this subject before because I have been operated several times on the lungs, stomach and other parts of the body ... I had to recover and mentally and sometimes we do not want any more problems. health first of all ... life is not easy ...
    Thank you for your understanding ...
    ps: this cloud synapse is unnerving (option to disable pls) ...

    oups razer-trojan.jpg

    I hope they solve this problem, friendly ..
    have a beautiful day
  5. luizvictorqueiroz

    luizvictorqueiroz New Member


    I had a ticket support open with this issue and no one had know this.
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