Razer Synapse 3 Still Beta?

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by cj2tech, Jun 14, 2018.


What would you rather have?

  1. Cheap product with no support.

  2. Premium pruduct with buggy software.

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  1. cj2tech

    cj2tech New Member

    So its almost been a year and synapse 3 is not only in beta but really only added support for what to seems like 4 devices in that time. Not to even added supports for first or second gen chroma devises, thats a little mind boggling. I bought a chroma blackwidow stealth and a deathadder chroma at the beginning of last year and the deathadder is still not supported. Even though it came out after the blackwidow. Is razer so focused on releasing new products more rapidly rather than supporting them? I understand that its a beta and all of that but you haven't even added support for products that came out the same year as the ones sold saying supports synapse beta. And frankly if that how razer is gonna do support on a "as needed bases" i don't think i want to be apart of that nor apart or the price tag of a "premium" product . I'd think id rather have a cheap product with no support rather a expensive one with buggy old software.

    heck the razer work shop is unusable and has been for the past couple months. You cant click more info or download on more than half of them due to the boxes that each app/game are in are not dynamic to the description.(at least on fire fox)

    I just got done scrolling through the thread on this forum and it seem people aren't even getting the help they need. most of the fixes are "have your tried uninstalling and reinstalling". But the comments are like two week to a month, if they were even answered. I saw some as far back as march with no answer from staff or anyone........

    Sorry for the rant just tired of synapse 2 and it crashing or straight up not working more than 75% of the time.
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  2. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Hey man, this is an "insider" forum, where I have been instucted, that we have to be friendly and chilly here. Otherwise you get a bann.
    So, cool down, don't be so impatient, wait a few years, and we are all shure, to get a software running smooth (without devices connected).
  3. cj2tech

    cj2tech New Member

    I’m not trying to be rude just stating my thoughts. Is see what you did there. >_< But seriously I have spent the past three years spending more than $450 on Razer. Just not to happy with it.
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  4. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Your are not allone. Sometimes it's too late for recognizing "It's more appearance than substance."
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