Razer Wolverine Ultimate - Mic monitoring issue on Xbox One

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by DarkPinkLARIMARtechno406, May 8, 2018.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I recently bought a Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller for my Xbox One X and I can't find the "Mic monitoring" feature when connecting my headphone to it, neither in the Synapse for Xbox App.

    When I'm using the same headphone on a Microsoft standard or Elite controller I have access to this feature and I can control it the way I want, avoiding to send my breath sound to the voice chat. It becomes even more important when you're playing competitively and everyone is focused on every single noise like footsteps.

    Considering that the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a premium controller with an "ADVANCED CUSTOMIZABILITY FOR ULTIMATE CONTROL", "Designed for Xbox", "works with all Xbox One models", "designed specifically for Esports... for competitive gaming scenario" and "it has a 3.5mm audio port for stereo output and microphone input":

    How do I configure the "Mic monitoring" feature using my Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller on my Xbox One X?

    * For those who do not know, the "Mic monitoring" is an Xbox One feature that controls the headphone's microphone sensitivity, so you can control how loud you need to talk to activate the microphone.
    ** I already tested with the following devices: Xbox One X and Xbox One S; Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller, Xbox One standard controller and Xbox One Elite Controller; HyperX Cloud Alpha headphone and Apple's iPhone earphone.

    Thanks =)
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  3. I have this exact same issue with the razer wildcat it is a game breaking experience people in the xbox party can hear them selfs loudly
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