Register to Pre-order the Razer Nabu X - Wave 1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Replies, comments, topics are all considered posts.
  2. Expliciate

    Expliciate New Member

    So when does the sale actually start?
  3. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    The pre-orders won't actually be put up for sale until Jan. 15th for USA/Canada and Jan. 20th for EU. You can find all this information in the first post.
  4. Hipstr69

    Hipstr69 Member

    When do we receive the message in our conversations? I signed up at 11 and the way I read it, you would pretty much get a message right after you signed up.
  5. isabel09

    isabel09 Active Member

    I believe we get the message after the registration closes to the public.
  6. Jmonkey9

    Jmonkey9 New Member

    I really like the nabuX
  7. ampdmg

    ampdmg New Member

    how many can you register for?
  8. Kmdelangel

    Kmdelangel New Member

    I am super excited!
  9. Jmonkey9

    Jmonkey9 New Member

    I'd really like to have the nabuX
  10. Sillymike

    Sillymike Member

    I thought it'd end right at 500... have we not hit the cap yet??
  11. Jmonkey9

    Jmonkey9 New Member

    This is awesome!
  12. can you only get one per account?
  13. Hewanc

    Hewanc Member

    am still waiting also, maybe takes sime tume.
  14. Jmonkey9

    Jmonkey9 New Member

    I'm gonna try and get the nabuX
  15. Poprockgrey

    Poprockgrey Member

    That's a pretty good question there. Also, if only people with 8+ posts are checked out first, or if they are just added?
  16. When can we buy it on EU?
  17. Jmonkey9

    Jmonkey9 New Member

    I really wish i could get one!
  18. Hipstr69

    Hipstr69 Member

    Okay thanks!
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