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Robin issues after the last update

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Fred W, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Fred W_no_id

    Fred W_no_id New Member

    Hi, fellow robin users. I'm wondering whether you are all having the same issues as mine.
    I'm pretty sure It started couple of days after the latest software update (7.1.1. is it?) and the issues are

    1. Robin freezes all the time. - Sometimes there's a pop up says "Nextbit Home (or something like that, I don't remember as now I'm so used to it, I tend to not read the message anymore) is not responding." or something like that and I need to wait a bit and it comes back to the normal status. But, much more often, It just freezes without any warnings and all I can do is either reboot or wait till it sorts itself out somehow (it sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, then I'll have to reboot.)
    Seriously, since this morning there's been four to five freezes, and it's only 11:42 AM here now.
    *I have deleted apps I've recently installed and the problem continued afterwards. So no app triggered issue

    2. Lock screen gone - Pretty self-explanatory. My suspicion is, it somehow is related to the first issue as those two happen simultaneously. Once I reboot, it comes back for a short period of time. But when it freezes again eventually, there goes my lock screen again.

    3. Wifi Receptivity not stable - At first, I thought it was something to do with my wifi-router, but other people don't seem to have this issue at all. + To be perfectly honest, the receptivity of my Robin was not the best, but it aggravated after the update. So i'll have to assume it has something to do with the update.

    4. Over-heating - Maybe two to three times a day, while I'm on the phone or I've just finished doing whatever on the phone, the back of the phone gets quite hot. Not red-sizzling hot, but 'car seat in hot weather' hot. Before the update, once every two or three days, tops.

    I'm not a heavy phone-user, little bit of web-surfing when commuting and listening to some tunes and messaging& very few phone calls.

    I'll appreciate any advice, much thanks in advance.
  2. illlogic_no_id

    illlogic_no_id New Member

    Is it still having all these issues? Hmm, I might just hold off on my update when I get my Robin tomorrow! XD

    Have you tried booting in safe mode to see if it keeps having issues? I think you have to tap and hold the "power-off" button on the screen? Someone correct me if I'm wrong..
    If you boot into safe mode and it works fine, then there must be some app or something causing that.
  3. Fred W_no_id

    Fred W_no_id New Member

    I did have these issues till this morning and thanks to your advice, It seems like I don't anymore. Thanks so much! My robin hasn't had crushing for good 2 hours. Must be one/some of my apps are not compatible with the setup anymore.
    +) Quite ironically, I had to switch back my Robin to Normal mode to post this, cause my account is connected to etc etc.

    If anything happens, I'll post here again. To keep people who might have the same problems updated
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