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Should I get the Blade 15 1060/60hz or go 1070/144hz

Discussion in 'Systems' started by jaseow, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    I have the Blade 14 2017 1060 and I am looking to upgrade to the Blade 15.

    I was initially looking at getting the Blade 15 1070/144hz but a store in my area is having the 1060/60hz variant at a $300 discount for the next 2 weeks. ($2699 after discount).

    The 1070/144hz is at $3699 no discount.

    Is the $2699 price tag too good to pass up considering the $1000 price difference?

    I was initially thinking of getting the 1070/144hz as that would be more an upgrade to my blade 14.

    But if I go the 1060/60hz it will only be a form factor upgrade (14” screen to 15.6”) and i will even lose some performance as the newer blade 15 1060 is a max-q? But the discount seems like a pretty good deal for me to pass up

    I primarily have my laptop plugged into a TB3 dock and use it as like a desktop mostly with a 144hz 27” screen and keyboard / mouse / speaker all plugged in (all razer apart from monitor) and the 144hz screen on the laptop will only really see actual use about 5-10% realistically when
  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You upgrade also port (mini DP) and cpu beside monitor, that cpu is 30% faster than 7700HQ that made overall performance better than full Gtx 1060 Blade, since mostly nowadays games need better cpu. Also wort to mention is that giant vapor chamber compared to tiny heat sink on Blade 2017 keeps the hot 8750H not melting. New synapse 3 for Blade is also cool, it can control the fans, OC the performance, playing around with logo backlight etc. It’s hard decision between 1070 and 1060 but unlike me that doesn’t have 144Hz external monitor that made me bought 1070, if you’re rarely use it, saving 1000 bucks is no brain imo, with that you can buying new ssd, egpu like Core plus gpu that’s better than 1060 to increase the performance plus getting better system temperature.
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