So apparently Razer IS run by fellow gamers.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PyroSkelly, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. Let me clarify. I know that the majority of people working for a megacorporation which creates gaming peripherals, computers and software SHOULD be gamers, but I wasn't sure if this was the case, or if Razer just hired a bunch of the cheapest employees they could, gamer or no. So, after I went through Razer support I decided to test this particular employee. Here's the transcript of the final few messages of the conversation.

    Peripheral Support (10:44:36 PM):eek:kay. What is it, [MY NAME]
    Me (10:44:53 PM):little, fairly insignificant question but, are you a gamer?
    Peripheral Support (10:45:12 PM):Well, yes, I am a gamer!
    Peripheral Support (10:45:22 PM):Why do you ask?
    Me (10:45:25 PM):because your slogan is: FOR GAMERS. BY GAMERS.™
    Me (10:45:36 PM):just gotta check
    Me (10:45:46 PM):whats your favorite game?
    Peripheral Support (10:45:49 PM):A little trivia for you, [MY NAME],
    the founder of Razer is a big-time gamer himself.
    Peripheral Support (10:46:30 PM):I like playing FPS games such as CS:GO. Also, I play on the weekends DoTA. It's kinda a regular thing for me.
    Peripheral Support (10:46:34 PM):What about you?
    Me (10:46:55 PM):nice, ive been sucked into the overwatch craze as of late
    Me (10:47:26 PM):i bought the game the month of released and haven't stopped sense
    Peripheral Support (10:48:00 PM):Really? That is nice. I heard it's really nice. I have a colleague here whose a diehard Overwatch player too.
    Me (10:48:18 PM):cool, great game.
    Peripheral Support (10:48:20 PM):I can relate to that.
    Me (10:48:44 PM):sorry for testing you, gotta make sure there arnt any fake gamers working for razer
    Me (10:48:46 PM):see ya
    Peripheral Support (10:48:52 PM):No worries.
    Peripheral Support (10:48:57 PM):I am happy to help.
    Peripheral Support (10:49:03 PM):You are welcome, goodbye!
  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    I'm not really sure why you doubted.

    I'm especially hopeful that somebody who actually had a Support issue wasn't kept waiting while you did this.
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  3. First, as I previously stated, I wasn't sure if being a gamer was a requirement, or at all looked at in the hiring process.

    Second, I DID have an actual support problem. my razer naga 2014 mouse wasn't working.

    And finally, at this particular time the queue for Razer support was nearly empty, so I thought it to be a good time.

    Anything else?
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