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Special Access: Pre-Registrations and Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    I thought it would be helpful for us to share a little about our rationale behind the new pre-registration/pre-order mechanism.

    Everytime we launch a new Razer product - we tend to see an incredible amount of demand - everyone pretty much wants to be the first person to get it - and historically, we've always been terrible at forecasting this.

    So enter our version of the Early Access. Essentially we set aside launch quantities for our hardcore fans and at a special access price.

    1. For the first wave, fans can register their interest for the pre-order (say 1M fans sign up - we'll have a good idea that we need to ramp up to as many as 1M units ASAP. This is very useful information for us to manage our manufacturing capacities and inventory);

    2. We may release 5K units and 1M fans will go for it. However, once it closes, we'll start managing the 2nd wave. Our factories go into overdrive now that we know the general demand.

    3. For the 2nd wave, if say we have another 10K units, we'll start to cap the pre-registrations to say 50K.

    4. When pre-orders open for the 2nd wave, we'll be able to manage web traffic and be able to satisfy most expectations (1 in 5 in the example above)

    5. Rinse and repeat - when enough units get out into mass retail (on a region by region basis), we'll pull back the special access program and move on to the next new Razer product.

    6. Users who don't want to get in early or who don't want to jostle in line (or haven't been lucky enough to score a unit) can wait for it to be available in mass quantities in retail,i.e. in Razerstore or in Best Buy etc. The pre-reg/pre-order mechanism is essentially Early Access.

    Why do this?

    As I mentioned - first up - it allows our hardest core fans to be the first to get a Razer product at launch. It also allows us to reward you guys with a special access price and be part of the launch. Also, it gives us good data on manufacturing forecasting.

    Why don't we just do 1 pre-registration to 1 pre-order then?

    Simple - because historically lots of people change their minds for whatever reason. And it wouldn't be an efficient way of doing this because we might end up with excess units when there's a huge line waiting for each wave.

    This isn't fair/This sucks/etc

    This is a mechanism to allow our hardest core fans to get a unit earlier than everyone else. It's not meant to be retail. It's essentially a bonus, not a unit for sale - which is also why we sell it at a special price (when we could probably sell it 3 or 4 times higher if you look at what the scalpers do). So treat it as special access - it's a reward. Sometimes you'll get it, sometimes you don't. If you don't get in on the early units - you can always purchase it in retail shortly.

    Are there any ways to make the chances of getting a unit higher?

    Yes - and we plan to roll this out in the future - i.e. for first access in the future, we may limit it to the most active forum members on Insider or the ones who are the most helpful (get the most likes etc on their posts) etc. Essentially we'll be rewarding the most active (and helpful) on Insider. Basically our mechanism is to reward the most helpful of our customers on Insider and our hardest core fans.

    Why the US first? What about the other regions?

    Basically we need to start with one region first - and given that we're a US company, it makes sense for us to start shipping in the US and then phase the launch into other regions like EU and Asia after. More importantly, there are also other reasons like certifications. Given how EU or Asia isn't a single country - we usually spend a lot more time clearing certifications in multiple countries before we can launch. So generally the first couple of waves will probably be launched in the US before we get approvals from the EU and Asian countries and future waves will be dedicated to those regions.
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  2. Sarkastik87

    Sarkastik87 New Member

    Personally, I think its a great idea.

    Keep up the awesome work!
  3. Thanks for the clarification. :)
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  4. jmpierson

    jmpierson Member

    Thanks for the information!

    Honestly I am excited to see so much demand for this!
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  5. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    How are you going to separate the people who "spammed" their way up from the "real" active-members? - or are you just going to reward the ones who are in notable members?

    Would love to get a little benefit for the 2nd wave, as I was unlucky with the first one :)
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  6. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    For the first couple of special access initiatives, we won't be putting this in but we'll definitely have mechanisms to reward those who post truly helpful/interesting posts as opposed to the spammy type members. I'll be revealing too much if I go on more but rest assured this will be done in the future.
  7. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    well i have another question. what to do when my wrist is a little bit above the small-medium? but bigger one wouldn't be good too.
    Could be there mor information on the sizes?
  8. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    Wait until it´s in store and test it or use a 3D-printer for a custom sized clasp. We already talked about the second option in another thread.

    Will put the thread here when I find it:

    As Min said below, let´s continue there.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
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  9. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Not the right thread for this - do move your query to the Nabu forum.
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  10. KahiKaze

    KahiKaze Active Member

    Agreed, there has been many posts about the sizes.

    This one seems very helpful


    Thank you for the very insightful information. I agree that pre-reg and pre-order mechanism works very well, especially when you are releasing a new product and you have no idea how to measure the demand. Its only natural for a smart company to want to measure the demand before they work on the supply. Simple economics. You want to minimize producing more than you really need to sell. Overproduction has always been a problem and I think this is one of the smartest ideas that naturally benefit both consumer and the seller.
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  11. Swinder

    Swinder New Member

    Excellent, i need to be more hardcore then!! hahaha, but it's nice that i will be giving a lots of high fives around with this demand! is good to know, keep it awesome as always, i hope you release a Nabu chroma too.
  12. Khetix

    Khetix Active Member

    As one of those fans who thought he was hardcore and still missed out on the first wave by mere seconds, well done to those first 5k people. ;-)

    Thanks for explanation here, Min. For all the slack you and your team are getting by people who wanted one and missed out- this is a lot more community discussion and involvement than other companies have when releasing new products. It's good to see you guys working with the fan/customer bases.

    Keep up the good work, we'll keep buying your products as they release. XD
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  13. spivek

    spivek New Member

    Joel Atwood (Discourse/Stack Overflow) has some interesting views on that here, the tl;dr of which is incentivizing post count or likes tends to result in behavior focused just on those items which turns out not to be constructive. He then asserts the most valuable members of the community are not those that post a lot, but those that read a lot.

  14. Caboosasaurus

    Caboosasaurus New Member

    This type of release seems like a great idea, but I believe for your less hardcore fans, dare I say casual Razer fans. We seem to be left out. I don't think this is your intent, but with no clear full release date all your other fans seem forgotten. I think if you want your Early Access to work, a clearer schedule of release would be helpfully. whether that's saying after 4 pre-order waves normal sales with go out, or full sales will go out by this date, up to you.
  15. loli556

    loli556 Active Member

    okay sorry for the wrong thread .. now saw the push of another thread iwth that problem...
    well poor for us from another region but the mechanism is good and i really like the sorting out.
    Just keep it up and good work!
  16. knives3057

    knives3057 Member

    I'm slightly miffed about this "hardcore" fans thing, because it seemed to be whoever has the fastest internet connection "wins". Forget that I've been searching near daily for information on the product since January (and all the subsequent pushbacks). Forget that we're all scouring this message board for the drip feed of information that answers some questions and leaves us with many more. I just feel like this has been a total marketing scheme and regardless of how much I care or try, I'll probably keep missing out until retail like most people who aren't here. It's very disheartening...
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  17. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    To be perfectly candid (and I'm going to get some flak for this) it IS my intent that for the more casual fans etc they won't be able to get access to launch units. It's not a punishment/disincentive by any means because the casual fans etc can always purchase the products at retail when it's available when our manufacturing ramps up. Special Access is just that - special access for our hardcore fans for launch units.
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  18. SpaceJam_on_VHS

    SpaceJam_on_VHS New Member

    Thanks for the update, Min!
  19. KahiKaze

    KahiKaze Active Member

    There is really nothing wrong with a company giving their hardcore fan access to their products earlier. Its not like they are never releasing Nabu to the public, its going to happen eventually.
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  20. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    It's actually going to be much more than post counts and likes etc. We'll be putting in active users of Comms, Cortex, community feedback on the posters etc.

    Essentially we're going to be focused on rewarding active Razer community members with first access.
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