[Status update] Blade 2016 shipment

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    Welp, it looks like the fifth time might be a charm. Wife placed my order on the Microsoft store. If it processes it will be here Monday probably.
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  2. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    You went for the 256 gb one I assume?
  3. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    Yea I took what I could get. Have not decided if im using the 400 I saved toward a core, or if ill pick up a drive. I think my gut tells me I can make 256 work until 1 tb nvme drives hit the market in maybe q4.
  4. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    Also for those of you on the hunt, I saw in the past week of camping the Microsoft store where blades would become available but the notification on the stock website did not alert. I saw it happen twice. If it sells out before the stock site refreshes the page it will not notify you. Just as an FYI.
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  5. Machine arrived from Microsoft this morning. Went through the process of replacing the 256 GB with the 512 Pro.

    Was a 5 minute process - mostly unscrewing the back...

    Opened up:

    Close up of the 256 - just one screw keeping it locked in

    Replaced with the 512

    I created a recovery usb first. Going through restore process now - about 50% done. Will pull drivers from http://drivers.razersupport.com//in...w&parentcategoryid=590&pcid=589&nav=0,350,589

    Then time to start installing games / developer software!
  6. DennyW

    DennyW Active Member

    That's pretty simple. The SSD is located in a very convenient location unlike other laptops.
  7. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    The 2015 edition had it under a few pieces you had to remove, It looks like Razer intentionally made it easier to replace which I appreciate.
  8. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    See Gurge? Not hard at all.
  9. VeryCrushed

    VeryCrushed Active Member

    Just got my replacement 950 Pro from Amazon. I'll do a full guide of everything including an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise for those that are interested.

    Hey @Newcastle mind if I use those pictures in my guide? Lol

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  10. Fine with me, go for it :)
  11. benchmark.png
    Great pictures! I was wondering if you would run the PC Benchmark app from the windows store and post a picture of the results. Here are mine from the oem 512 drive.
  12. Her0Zer0

    Her0Zer0 Member

    So something REALLY shady is going on here. I just received a fraud alert on the card I used to"pre-order" a 512 GB Blade 14. I've used the card precisely 3 times since then, all at local retailers in person, all of whom I trust. The fraudulent order was placed online at a big box retailer for $1000.

    Ignoring the fact that I'm clearly screwed on my not yet delivered order since apparently Razer doesn't allow changing of cards, I recall reading in this very thread at least two others who seemingly had a fraud alert on their cards used for pre-order as well - also getting screwed out of their order as well.

    This to me seems to be an impossible coincidence. I'm going to stop short of accusations, but will say that I expressed my concerns to the fraud team who noted that detail and will be pursuing this investigation. Safe to say, there's no way in hell I'm ordering from the RazerStore again as this been the single worst purchasing and support experience I've ever experienced in my 30+ years on Earth. I may consider the MS store but have zero desire to sit and refresh a page to get one of these laptops. Truth is I don't really NEED another computer when I have multiple functioning ones. But I will be looking at other options. The Gigabyte P34 specs out better for less even though I know it's bad build quality. But at least I can order from a reputable company like Amazon and expect it to be delivered exactly on time as always.

    Good luck to the rest of you - something tells me you're going to need it...
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  13. Here is what I came back with:
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  14. I mean I don't know if you're using a debit card because that can be 1 reason. Also it's not exactly a small amount, so things like this depending on how you use your card, your card company may think it's fraud. I mean just, you can try to talk it through with Razer and your card company to have them just run it through but I don't know if this just delays you still.
  15. Her0Zer0

    Her0Zer0 Member

    Definitely was a credit card and got the alert within minutes of the charge. I don't want to give too many details as I hope the rat thief gets caught but in a hilarious twist, I checked MS store and showed the 256 GB in stock. I bought it, plus extended warranty and expedited shipping and came out to less than the RazerStore. Am totally comfortable swapping out the drive for the 950 Pro and even if it breaks, it's covered. Plus I can return for free if I don't like it.

    You can't make this stuff up.
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  16. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    Is yours with the 950 in it? Also I just got my shipment confirmation, Im commited now. It's actually happening.
  17. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    Shoutout to @Razer|Technokat for dealing with my crazy self during these trying times.
  18. I have had a few fraudulent charges as well in the past couple of weeks with the card I used to purchase the Blade from the Razer Store. There were two charges from WOKCANO DOWNTOWN LA LOS ANGELES CA, and one from TWC*TIME WARNER CABLE 888-TWCABLE CA. I successfully disputed them with the card company. I'm not pointing fingers at someone from Razer, but I found it suspicious also. I live in NC, and these charges were not made by me.
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  19. 9377519279

    9377519279 Active Member

    I saw a video where Linus from Linus tech tips was not getting top speeds with his 950 pro until he changed the driver it was using. I feel like if that is the 950 your speeds should be faster.
  20. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    So there was no ribbon cable to remobe this time?

    I just dont want to remove it and then not install windows om it properly, I feel as though I may miss a few drivers or something.
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